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All The Iconic Musicians That Arizona Zervas Shouts Out On ‘BAND$’

All The Iconic Musicians That Arizona Zervas Shouts Out On ‘BAND$’

Arizona Zervas always has his finger on the pulse of what’s cool, and his new single, ‘BAND$,’ is giving us 2000s pop-punk realness in the best way imaginable. It’s no secret that pop-punk is back to taking over the airwaves, thanks in part to Travis Barker. But now, it’s fusing with genres like pop and hip-hop for the ultimate crossover you never knew you needed. Arizona sits perfectly at the crossroads of the three genres, and we can’t get enough!

Even though all his single covers are in black and white, Arizona’s music is anything but. He brings a fresh perspective and a unique edge to every song he drops, from viral hits like ‘ROXANNE’ to the slick ‘NIGHTRIDER.’ He’s continuing his hot streak with ‘BAND$’ and we’ve seriously had this song on repeat since it came out. Let’s take a look at who earned a nod on the track!

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“Whole team in sync…”

Did you catch the wordplay on this line? *NSYNC was named after how “in sync” the members sound when they sing together, and Arizona insists that his crew are just as in sync with each other. Sounds like one friend group we want to be a part of, especially if they appreciate 90s boy bands!

While Arizona flexes his “bands” of money, he mentions one of the most iconic bands of all time: Blink-182! If you’re a rock fan, they probably don’t need an introduction, but in case you’re not familiar with their work, Blink is one of the pioneers of modern pop-punk. Between cemented members Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus, former lead singer Tom DeLonge, current vocalist Matt Skiba, and original drummer Scott Raynor, Blink has been overflowing with talent since they formed. 

“Green Day, gotta run it up…” 

Whether you live on the ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ or you’re the ‘Jesus of Suburbia,’ you probably already have Green Day all over your playlist! They’re one of the most iconic pop-punk bands of all time, so it’s no surprise they earned a mention in a song influenced by some of Arizona’s all-time favorite rock artists. 

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Arizona even teased the release of ‘BAND$’ with a mini photoshoot wearing a Green Day tee!

“She know I’m a skater, I said, ‘See you later,’ Avril Lavigne…”

Love Sux if you ask Avril Lavigne, but she’d probably agree with us that ‘BAND$’ is an incredible, non-sucking song! Arizona throws it back to 2002 with a nod to Avril’s classic ‘Sk8er Boi,’ which probably raised us all. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the song’s 20th anniversary, as old as that makes us feel. Sigh. At least we have Arizona and Avril to help us through our existential woes! 

“Gold chain, tight jeans, old plain white tee…”

Hey there, Arizona, what’s it like to take style inspiration from the Plain White T’s? You probably know the pop-rock legends from their memorable track ‘Hey There Delilah,’ another song we grew up with. We love their vulnerable lyrics and the range they show off throughout their discography! And not gonna lie, this outfit sounds pretty killer.

“It’s a panic at the disco when she see my wrist glow…” 

Some write sins, some write tragedies, but if you’re Arizona Zervas, you just write bangers! We love this shoutout to Panic! At The Disco, incorporated into a flex about what shiny jewelry he has. The band-slash-solo-act has been through all sorts of lineup iterations over the years, but mainstay Brendon Urie has one of the best voices in the music industry. We’ll just pretend our invite to go to a disco party with Arizona got lost in the mail. 

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“All my dogs from the backstreet…” 

The backstreet must be pretty popping if it’s home to both Arizona’s dogs and the Backstreet Boys! BSB is another one of our favorite boy bands, and it’s pretty obvious why they’re ‘Larger Than Life.’ There’s such a nice connection between the group members and their voices sound amazing together. BRB, scheduling an Uber to bring us to this mythical backstreet.

“Boys like girls in the backseat…”

Sounds like Arizona and his friends are making ‘The Great Escape’ like the nostalgic pop-rock group Boys Like Girls! If you grew up watching iCarly, you might recognize their mid-tempo anthem ‘Thunder’ from the soundtrack, and if you’re a Swiftie, you probably already know the Taylor Swift-assisted ‘Two Is Better Than One.’ Whether you’re a boy, a girl, or identify otherwise, you’ll love BLG. 

“Yellowcard, but this ain’t a taxi…”

Road trip to ‘Ocean Avenue,’ anyone? You don’t need a yellow car to blast Yellowcard on your driving playlist. They’re one of the most talented 2000s rock bands out there, so it’s no surprise they earned a shoutout on ‘BAND$.’ ‘Only One’ group could make such iconic jams, and it’s Yellowcard! 

Who’s your favorite artist that Arizona mentioned on the song? Which would you want to hop on a ‘BAND$’ remix? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more sweet new releases you need in your rotation, click here


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