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DAY6’s Wonpil Makes His Solo Debut With Pilmography

DAY6’s Wonpil Makes His Solo Debut With Pilmography

After DAY6’s first solo debut with Young K last year, it was only a matter of time before we got Wonpil’s debut, and it is finally here. And just as expected, it is incredible.

DAY6 has always been known for their incredible vocalists, so of course, each of them could be able to pull off a solo album. We saw it last year with Young K, and now it’s Wonpil’s turn, and he did not disappoint a single bit. To put it simply, this is the perfect album to show Wonpil’s immense talent – whether it is his emotional voice, his incredible songwriting skills, or his skills as a musician. This is Wonpil’s moment, and we’re here for it.

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‘Voiceless’ is the opening song in Wonpil’s full-length album, and it is also the title track. In many ways, it englobes everything you will get in the album, which makes it simply the perfect first taste. It is a heartbreaking piano-based ballad about letting go of someone you love because you think they’ll be better off. With its three beats rhythm and all the instruments accompanying the piano, ‘Voiceless’ feels magical, but it doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking. The lyrics hit so hard, and the way Wonpil’s voice carries its emotion is simply perfect. No one could do it like him.

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The music video adds even more to the song, especially its storyline and aesthetic. It portrays Wonpil as a writer and tells the love story of him falling in love with a mermaid. And you can really tell his experience as an actor here. The music video can be interpreted in several ways, but one thing is for sure: those shots of Wonpil drowning in his room are stunning. Furthermore, the music video perfectly portrays the heartbreak from ‘Voiceless’ and makes the song even more beautiful.


This album is even more special when you know Wonpil is the first soloist under JYP Entertainment to debut with a full-length album. And it is true that we couldn’t possibly imagine leaving any of these masterpieces out.

‘Sincerity’ may seem like a piano ballad at first, but the build-up in the chorus makes it much more than that. The song also takes on a different perspective of a break-up from the title track. This time Wonpil isn’t the one saying goodbye, but he’s the one asking for them to stay. The third track, ‘A writer in a love story,’ is a fascinating song taking into account the entire concept surrounding Wonpil’s debut. In this more upbeat, happy love song, Wonpil puts himself in the shoes of a writer and writes a love story, and he even references several fairy tales in the lyrics. It is followed by ‘Walk with me,’ a gem in this album that screams comfort in every single way possible with its soft guitar and soft pop feel.

Image source: JYP Entertainment

Pilmography gives us so many different genres! For example, on the one hand, we have ‘Stranded’ in which Wonpil creates a happy atmosphere, and it could possibly fit perfectly in DAY6 (Even of Day)‘s first mini-album. It is all about feeling lost and finding your way, thanks to a loved one. However, ‘Someday, spring will come’ is totally different from any DAY6 release to date. It is a very hopeful relaxing song with an acoustic guitar that imitates a Bossanova-like rhythm. ‘Pieces,’ though, is by far the most pop song on the album. Its melody is based around a simple acoustic guitar, and it builds up in the chorus that creates a wonderful break-up song. And ‘Last goodbye’ is the most stripped-back song in the album: it is just Wonpil’s beautiful voice and a piano. And you might have guessed by the title, but this song is absolutely heartbreaking.

Image source: JYP Entertainment

Now, if there’s one song from the release you need to remember, it is ‘Unpainted canvas.’ The ninth track in the album is a pop song that carries a beautiful and meaningful message using the metaphor of a painting as life. It starts very softly but builds up slowly into this beautiful, hopeful song about not comparing to others and to keep going, even if life isn’t what you thought it would turn out to be.

And finally, Pilmography closes off with ‘A journey,’ which might be the most upbeat song in the album, but it is also the most bittersweet one. It is no mystery Wonpil will be enlisting sometime this year following his bandmates, and this is exactly what the song is about. It portrays a quiet positive point of view on the matter, which is refreshing and comforting. Then again, Wonpil literally ended his album with the line “I will go now,” so you know, proceed with caution.

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Wonpil found a way to mix everything he has learned in the past six years and a half as a member of DAY6 and created this masterpiece of an album. No one could do an album like this one. Everything is perfect, from the lyrics to the vocals and the concept. It is diverse, it is beautiful, it is comforting and heartbreaking at the same time – it is everything we expected and so much more. And one thing is for sure, no matter what happens this year, we know that this is far from being the last we see of Wonpil and DAY6, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store next for us.

Was Pilmography what you expected? What’s your favorite song in the album? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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