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How Sofia Carson Is ‘LOUD’ In Everything She Does

How Sofia Carson Is ‘LOUD’ In Everything She Does

With the graceful poise of Audrey Hepburn and the spunky confidence of Taylor Swift, Sofia Carson is forging a ‘LOUD’ legacy all her own. You may know her from her roles as Evie in Disney’s Descendants movies, Ava on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, and Tessa on A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits. But now, Sofia is claiming her own spot in the limelight with her triumphant new single, ‘LOUD!’

‘LOUD’ is a rallying battle cry for powerful women all over the world, with Sofia insisting that she was “made to be loud” and encouraging fans to be themselves in the same triumphant way. We at THP love the song’s inspiring message, and we got to talk to Sofia all about it in a press conference hosted by 1824!

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We know, we’re still not over it. Sofia was so kind, and it was such a wonderful experience to get to ask her about her career. Let’s take a look at what we learned during the conference and how Sofia focuses on being ‘LOUD’ in every area she explores!

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Moving From Acting To Music

Many of Sofia’s fans first met her through her acting roles – for us, it was Evie! Even though she plays fictional characters, we’ve always felt like she pours a part of herself into each role, and it turns out that’s something she does intentionally. We asked her how she handles the separation between her characters and herself, and she offered such an eloquent answer.

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The roles I play, like the songs that I write, the music that I sing, are a reflection of who I am in my heart. And even though the stories that I tell on camera might not be my own, there’s still a part of me within them. And more so, I admire the women that I have been lucky enough to play. I made a promise to myself that I would never lend my voice or my body to something that I didn’t believe in, whether that was a song or a film. And that was kind of my way of being true to myself and my way of being ‘LOUD.’

Sofia Carson

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Shouting Out Powerful Women With ‘LOUD’

‘LOUD’ is the feminist anthem we never knew we needed, and it’s all about powerful women and activists who aren’t scared to speak their minds. Sofia even snuck in some meaningful imagery in her ‘LOUD’ music video – she shared during the press conference that the butterflies that appear represent freedom and how people are learning to use their voices for good. 

We love that Sofia not only used the song ‘LOUD’ to spread such an important message but also the beautiful symbols in the music video. As her male dancers support her while she sings, it’s a reminder that men need to be willing to boost women’s voices and recognize that they can help the feminist movement. The whole video carries such poignant messages about being ‘LOUD’ and standing your ground!

Offering Music Scholarships To Young Artists

Sofia is a global ambassador for the Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation, and she’s teaming up with the foundation to provide a $200,000 scholarship for a young musician to attend the amazing Berklee College of Music. As she spoke about the scholarship in the press conference, her eyes lit up and we could tell how much it means to her to be able to give back to Latin artists who may not have had another opportunity to pursue their dream.

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There is space for all music, there is space for all voices, there is space for all cultures… These voices are growing louder.

Sofia Carson

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Celebrating Her Own Latin Roots

Between creating Spanish versions of Descendants songs, infusing a Latin vibe into her debut single ‘Love Is The Name,’ or simply showing appreciation for other Latin musicians, Sofia always embraces her Colombian heritage. She grew up admiring fellow Latina Gloria Estefan and says she’s been “so lucky to be raised biculturally,” growing up in Florida after her parents moved there from Colombia. She also draws inspiration from fellow Latin artists like Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin, with who we’d love to see her collab!

Admiring Fellow Powerful Women 

Sofia counts Gloria Estefan, Cher, Barbra Streisand, and Audrey Hepburn as some of her earliest influences – she even shared during the press conference that she would watch Cher concerts after she came home from school every day! Notably, all of these women have gone above and beyond to give back to others, and Sofia says Audrey’s work with UNICEF has been the biggest inspiration in her own work with UNICEF and similar non-profits. She appreciates that these women “reframed what it meant to be a woman in the industry,” and we know she’ll continue reframing it as she continues to push boundaries and stand up for what she believes in!

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Her admiration for strong women also goes beyond the entertainment industry. Throughout the conference, Sofia mentioned her love for her mom several times, and we loved seeing how powerful their bond is, even just through her stories. She describes her mom as “the voice that raised [her] to be loud” and explains that her mom taught her “the most important thing we can do in our lives is to give.”

Her Dedication To Her Craft

We’ve always been impressed by how well Sofia embodies her film and TV roles, and she let us in on a little secret during the press conference. As soon as she wraps filming for the day, she goes right to her hotel to prepare for her next day of work so she can stay “completely immersed in the role.” 

In every role that I’ve played, my heart lies in every single one of them, and now it’s so thrilling to be trusted to be a part of the storytelling aspect of films. For instance, I just executive-produced my first film, so I not only was able to act the part, but develop the role, develop the character, and write the songs for the movie.

Sofia Carson

Another incredible project Sofia has been pursuing (which we could easily see her infectious excitement for) is the film Purple Hearts, which she not only acts in but executive-produced and wrote the music for! She describes it as “the most fulfilling and extraordinary experience,” and it’s so easy to see how passionate she is about the movie. Sofia told us that director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum first approached her while she was filming Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, and they’ve spent the last five years refining the scripts, characters, and soundtrack. 

sofia carson loud
Image Source: Pretty Little Liars on GIPHY

When it comes to music, Sofia told us that she puts her phone in airplane mode when she’s in the studio so she can fully focus on her work and the atmosphere she wants to create. She started singing before she could talk and dancing before she could walk, so it’s clear her hard work has paid off for her to pursue her passion!

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Her Adorable Love For Her Fans

If you’ve known Sofia for a long time like we have, you probably feel like you grew up with her! And Sofia feels the same way – she shows how much she loves her fans whenever she can, and she says she interacts with as many fans as possible on social media. Whether it’s liking their selfies or quoting their tweets with a sweet “I love you loudly,” Sofia makes sure her fans feel her appreciation.

It is quite simply an honor to have grown up with them, to have had them by my side from the beginning of my career… Everything that I do, I keep them in my heart and keep them in my mind.

Sofia Carson

sofia carson loud
Image Source: Radio Disney on GIPHY

Lifting Up Anyone She Can

Sofia is such an incredibly hard-working inspiration to anyone who wants to pursue their dreams, whether it’s in the entertainment industry or elsewhere! During the conference, she shared some of her advice for aspiring musicians, insisting they should always follow their hearts and not get too upset if something doesn’t work out since not every opportunity is meant for them. 

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You have to believe in your voice and in your dream more than anyone in the world, and you have to fight for it fearlessly.

Sofia Carson

sofia carson loud
Image Source: E! on GIPHY

We left the press conference feeling so inspired and touched by Sofia’s passion! She has such a fun energy and an elegant presence that will make you want to be just like her one day. Whether she’s on set, in the studio, or working with non-profits to help provide new opportunities for those who aren’t always included, she gives her all to everything she does and insists on using her voice to be ‘LOUD’ for those who don’t get listened to. As Sofia puts it herself, “Our voices are our greatest and most powerful weapon, and it’s our duty to use them.” 

What are your favorite things about Sofia Carson? What’s your favorite ‘LOUD’ lyric? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more sweet Sofia Carson content, click here.


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