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The Mood Maker Of NCT: Johnny Suh

The Mood Maker Of NCT: Johnny Suh

If you ever have seen random clips of a 6’1 man making a very crowded room laugh, it means you have witnessed the power of Johnny Suh. Well, sorry, “the one ☝️ and only 💅  THE ONE  😤 AND ONLY 😩 Johnny Suh 😎.” Everywhere NCT’s Johnny goes, he brings lots of laughter with him. Even though he is the second oldest of the whole NCT, he can be really childish just to lighten the mood of the room, and let us tell you a fact. He never fails. 

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Johnny is considered the unofficial-dad-of-the-group by most NCTzens because he cares about his members. This definitely includes his goofy side that makes the members happy after a long, tiring practice. Or during the practice. Or during promo shoots. Or at concerts. Or award shows,- yes even award shows. Well, everywhere in general. And we are forever grateful for this side of him for not only making NCT members burst into laughter but also us. 

Johnny is a multi-talented man, no doubt. Apart from being a great rapper, a magnificent dancer, an excellent singer, an incredible DJ, and even an outstanding photographer, he is also talented socially. He is very confident, very reliable, and his other qualities go hand in hand with his fun personality. This makes Johnny a person other members look up to and trust, more importantly. It is usual for NCT members sometimes to be awkward when they are next to each other because they are 23 people working in different sub-units most of the time, but numerous times, they implied that if Johnny is in the room, they feel comfortable. 

“(When we started to work on ‘Work It’) Johnny was always next to me, saying that I was doing okay. I got much empowered, and it was very touching for me.”

Hendery of WayV

Whenever he is alone with a member, or with NCT 127, or even the whole NCT, Johnny finds a way to distract people from the stress that hard work brings, yet he is doing this without stealing the spotlight from anyone. Instead, Johnny always makes sure that other people are comfortable with his jokes or the situation in general. When he is having fun, he always tries his best for other members to have fun as much as him, too. And not to simp so hard or anything but, it really makes our hearts so warm.

“Johnny is a mood maker who always lights up the atmosphere whenever we practice. Even when I have no strength, I can get to practice because there is Johnny there.”

Yuta of NCT 127

We are pretty sure trying to make everyone happy and comfortable no matter what the situation is Johnny’s subtle way of taking care of his members, from oldest one to youngest one. Somehow, his energy matches with everyone in the group, and we consider ourselves lucky to witness this. However, we can’t help but cry ourselves to sleep from time to time for not having a friend like Johnny, but, you know, we don’t think another Johnny exists in the world. So, we hope he knows whenever he makes a member crack up, we are also laughing watching them from our screens. Mark Lee could be our only competitor in this game. You better watch out, Mark. 

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What about you? Does Johnny light up your mood, too, as he does to NCT members and us? What is your favorite moment of Johnny that never fails to put a smile on your face? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Image Source: Tumblr



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