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Here Are The Idols We Imagine As The Cast Of K-POP Confidential

Here Are The Idols We Imagine As The Cast Of K-POP Confidential

As self-confessed book bees and K-POP multi-stans, you just know that we love a good K-POP-inspired novel. K-POP Confidential is definitely one of our faves, and the sequel K-POP Revolution is everything. With the world of Candace Park and her S.A.Y colleagues living rent-free in our minds these days, we have spent the nights before bed imagining which idols we see in each of the character’s shoes, especially if the books got picked up for a movie adaptation. Allow us to introduce you to our dream cast of K-POP Confidential.

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Here Are The Idols We Imagine As The Cast Of K-POP Confidential The Honey POP Everglow reading book gif
Image Source: Tenor

AleXa As Candace

Here Are The Idols We Imagine As The Cast Of K-POP Confidential The Honey POP AleXa
Image Source: AleXa via Instagram

AleXa was a no-brainer for us when it came to casting the lead of Candace Park. Being Korean-American herself and embracing both sides of her heritage, AleXa and Candace have a lot in common. Candace is also known for breaking out of the typical norms of a trainee and idol, which we definitely think AleXa has made herself known for too, and we can totally see her as a game-changer for the industry. Plus, she absolutely rocks purple hair like our protagonist’s signature style which is definitely a bonus.

Beomhan As YoungBae

Here Are The Idols We Imagine As The Cast Of K-POP Confidential The Honey POP Beomhan
Image Source: M.O.N.T Arena via Instagram

If you don’t know who Beomhan is just yet, you definitely need to stalk his socials. A trainee who is set to debut under one of M.O.N.T‘s upcoming subunits M.O.N.T Arena, Beomhan is making himself known through social media like TikTok and Instagram before he debuts as an idol, and we would give anything to be his bestie! Beomhan gives us major YoungBae vibes. Known for being a source of joy for Candace as well as one of her only fellow American trainees, incredibly talented, and even a bit of a rule-breaker, YoungBae’s real-life representation absolutely should be Beomhan (a moment of silence for the staff members who deal with his chaotic shenanigans), and we know that if S.A.Y Entertainment’s strict phone policy didn’t exist, we’d definitely get similar content from YoungBae too. Honestly, if this book didn’t release before Beomhan took to social media, we’d say YoungBae was written with him in mind.

SOMI As Helena

Here Are The Idols We Imagine As The Cast Of K-POP Confidential The Honey POP JEON SOMI
Image Source: SOMI via Instagram

Okay, so SOMI isn’t American, and we don’t think she has that spiteful streak that Helena has when we first meet her, but between her looks being pretty apt for the description of Helena and her also still being an international idol, she’s got a lot of similarities to the character. Not to mention, when we see Helena soften up as we get to know her on a more personal level, she’s definitely a lot sweeter like her face claim! Helena is a social media whizz kid and it’s no secret that SOMI is pretty on the ball with SNS platforms, too. Oh, and both girls are super talented which definitely seals the deal.

San As One.J

Here Are The Idols We Imagine As The Cast Of K-POP Confidential The Honey POP Choi San
Image Source: ATEEZ via Twitter

One.J is Candace’s bias in SLK, as well as her senior at S.A.Y, and becomes pretty relevant within the story. He’s the center of his group and has incredible vocals and a plethora of talents, not to mention he’s gorgeous. He’s got a sharp jawline and is also pretty good when it comes to speaking English. All these traits added up and equated to our choice of ATEEZ‘s San as One.J! One.J is also like a mood maker within SLK and amongst people that he works with, which definitely resembles San in ATEEZ. Oh, and small and not-so-important-but-fun detail is San’s pre-debut stage name was Howl. Now not to give spoilers, but if you read K-POP Confidential you’ll see how that correlates to One.J too!

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Ryujin As Binna

Here Are The Idols We Imagine As The Cast Of K-POP Confidential The Honey POP Ryujin
Image Source: ITZY via Instagram

Binna’s aesthetic is pretty edgy compared to other trainees and idols we meet in K-POP Confidential and Ryujin really seems to fit her description rather well. She’s also a killer dancer and rapper. Hello? Ryujin main rapper and lead vocalist? It’s just simply meant to be. Binna is Candace’s bestie at S.A.Y Entertainment and has her back through the highs and the lows and honestly, when we look at Ryujin’s friendship with her ITZY members – especially Chaeryeong – we can definitely get her kinda vibes when it comes to Binna. Both girls are just total bosses and we love that for them!

Jisoo As Aram

Here Are The Idols We Imagine As The Cast Of K-POP Confidential The Honey POP Jisoo
Image Source: Jisoo via Instagram

Aram takes the role of center in Team Two and stuns everyone with her looks. She really lives up to Korean beauty standards and honestly? BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is also on that level! But while her beauty may be intimidating, once you get to know Aram, she’s also a pretty great person to be around, a valued member that everyone loves and gets along with. Sound familiar? With Candace as the maknae of Team Two, Aram really is like that gorgeous older sister you wish you could be more like and honestly we wish we were more like Jisoo, too. Another connection between the two is Aram loves acting and even trains as an actress, just like Jisoo!

Nagyung As JinJoo

Here Are The Idols We Imagine As The Cast Of K-POP Confidential The Honey POP Nagyung
Image Source: Fromis_9’s fan cafe

The moment we read the description for JinJoo’s hair, we just knew who fitted it: Fromis_9‘s Nagyung! Described as pink and blue two-toned hair that made her look like an anime character, we knew our options would be pretty slim, but luckily the universe had our back and at least one idol had rocked this hairstyle before. We were also lucky that the similarities between JinJoo and Nagyung didn’t stop there. JinJoo is super dedicated to being a trainee and someday debuting, and undoubtedly has taken on a number of roles within Team Two over her time under S.A.Y and Nagyung has four positions in her group. Not to mention, one of Nagyung’s nicknames is Captain of Cute and honestly, it doesn’t take long to realize that description totally fits JinJoo too.

Nayeon As BowHee

Here Are The Idols We Imagine As The Cast Of K-POP Confidential The Honey POP Nayeon
Image Source: TWICE via Instagram

BowHee is one of Candace’s friends she makes outside of her trainee group and is someone she hangs out with a lot during their break times and sits with at lunch. She’s got bunny-like features, and also feels like she fits the role of fake maknae, much like TWICE‘s Nayeon. BowHee and Nayeon also have quiet and sociable sides to their personalities. We know Nayeon cares a lot about her members and is always there for them, much like how BowHee is there for Candace. Another thing in common with both girls is that they have a sport they enjoy; Nayeon enjoys badminton while BowHee loves karate!

 Xiaoting As ShiHong

Here Are The Idols We Imagine As The Cast Of K-POP Confidential The Honey POP Xiaoting
Image Source: KEP1ER via Instagram

ShiHong is a Chinese trainee at S.A.Y Entertainment and meets Candace in their Korean Language class. There were a few Chinese idols as contenders for her, but we feel like KEP1ER‘s Xiaoting is a great fit. ShiHong is fairly quiet and shy when we first meet her and according to Xiaoting’s MBTI type, she is also introverted. It also says that as an ISFJ, Xiaoting is observant, reliable, and selfless which definitely feels like traits that ShiHong has. ShiHong is a great dancer much like Xiaoting, who won over 50 dance competitions in the span of five years, which is pretty impressive!

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Irene As WooWee

Image Source: Irene via Instagram

WooWee is Candace’s ult bias from the group QueenGirl and has all the trainees mesmerized when they meet her, so it made sense for WooWee’s face claim to be someone from third-gen who has had as much experience as her. We thought Red Velvet‘s Irene was a great match. Like WooWee, Irene is a leader and lead dancer. She’s also had experience as an MC which we see WooWee take on in K-POP Confidential. Both girls are the oldest members of their groups and are role models to both fans and younger idols and trainees.

K-POP Confidential is out now. K-POP Revolution is available to pre-order.

Have you read K-POP Confidential? Who do you envision as the characters? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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