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7 Of Machine Gun Kelly’s Most Creative Music Videos

7 Of Machine Gun Kelly’s Most Creative Music Videos

Machine Gun Kelly is undoubtedly not only one of the hardest-working people in the music industry, but also one of the most creative. He’s constantly pushing himself to new heights, trying out new sounds and visual concepts that stand apart from each other while still feeling authentic and thought-out. While it’s impossible to choose our all-time favorite music videos Kells has made, here’s a selection of some of his most creative!

‘emo girl’

If only our elementary school field trips were as exciting as this one. Travis Barker plays a teacher bringing his class on a school trip to a museum in ‘emo girl,’ and it just so happens that the main exhibits are Machine Gun Kelly and WILLOW! Look closely and you might even see carolesdaughter in the scene full of emo girls – she previously toured with Kells on the Tickets To My Downfall Tour.  

‘concert for aliens’

From being a game show host to getting surgery to performing on a wrecked pirate ship, Kells really did it all in the video for ‘concert for aliens.’ He co-wrote the standout concept with his friend and the video director MOD SUN, who also worked on Downfalls High. This duo never misses and we can’t get enough!


While ‘Habits’ is simple in concept, seeing MGK rap on different streets while touring, where it really stands out is the incredible filters and video effects. Director Jordan Wozy went all-in on cool moments like putting hearts in the sky, making Kells’ jacket glow, and placing an asteroid at the tip of his fingers.

‘love race’ 

Not gonna lie, Emo Pointe from the ‘love race’ music video is kind of our dream summer camp. Between jam sessions with Travis Barker, pool parties with TikTok stars like Noah Beck, and bonfires with Kellin Quinn, it seems like the place to be to make memories. We can look past the creepy killer on the loose… probably.

‘Bad Things’

As much as we’ve loved MGK’s Hotel Diablo and Tickets To My Downfall days, we admittedly wish we could go back to the bloom era, for one reason: we need a full-length movie inspired by the ‘Bad Things’ video! Kells and Camila Cabello play a pair of lovers who wind up in a dangerous situation, with peril and cop cars following them wherever they go.

‘el Diablo’

Much like ‘Habits,’ the music video for ‘el Diablo’ really shines because of its outlandish effects, from having Colson beat up a clone of himself to turning the sky purple and setting a mountain on fire. Jordan Wozy once again snapped on this one… no surprise there!

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‘Let You Go’

Kells brings his band members back to the 60s with the retro-themed clip for ‘Let You Go!’ They give a performance on an old talk show to a group of screaming fans, before the show’s staff realizes they were smoking backstage and chases them out of the building. They then pack into an old-fashioned car to get away! This video was a whole trip and we love the storyline.

Which of these music videos is your favorite? Do you have ideas for a fun new MGK video concept? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Kells content to keep you busy until Mainstream Sellout drops in March, click here.

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