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Book Review: The Last Celestials By Becca Mionis

Book Review: The Last Celestials By Becca Mionis

Welcome back, book bees! We are so excited to review The Last Celestials by Becca Mionis today – a tale of two ancient, powerful space-dwelling beings known as celestials. Who doesn’t adore a Sci-Fi Romance novel? We know we do!

The Last Celestials
Image Source: Becca Mionis

Book Summary: In The Last Celestials, we follow the story of Orion and Cassiopeia – the last celestials in the galaxy- as they try to navigate their way through time, space, love, heartbreak, and even tragedy in the aftermath of a cosmic war against another, deadlier race (The Campions). Orion appeals to Cassiopeia, hoping she’ll help him save their species. After all, he’s a male, she’s a female… This shouldn’t be complicated, right? Wrong! Cassiopeia, who has been living like a recluse for centuries, wants absolutely nothing to do with Orion. And not just because he has no manners; there are things she doesn’t want him to know, secrets that drove her to self-exile. So she does the only logical thing she can think of: She runs away to Earth, where she allies herself with a group of young musicians and adopts their easygoing way of life in order to blend in. It’s the perfect hiding place, right? Wrong! Little does Cassiopeia know, Orion is way better at tracking than he is at romance… though he may have to become good at both if he wants a second chance.

Content Warning: War/Genocide

The Last Celestials
Image Source: Becca Mionis/Indie Published

The concept of this entire book and the character development are so unique in their own right! We’ve never read another book like this and are blown away by the intricate details throughout the entirety of this story. Becca does a phenomenal job of making you feel as if you are the character – seeing and feeling all the things they do yourself! It’s exquisite, especially for a Sci-Fi novel!


Cassiopeia was Celestial royalty – until she “wasn’t.” After making a rash and regrettable decision, Cassiopeia throws herself into exile. It’s not until Orion, the last surviving celestial of the war, shows up to try and negotiate for survival that their fates change forever – an enemies-to-lovers trope with an extraterrestrial twist!

First, let’s talk about Orion, the general of war himself. If there was a picture next to “open mouth, insert foot” in the dictionary, Orion’s picture would be front and center. He is not the type of being that is a smooth talker or even one that knows how to talk to a female appropriately. He comes on far too strong and exceptionally unflattering when he returns to Cassiopeia after the war ends. Fortunately for us (and Cassiopeia), Orion isn’t afraid to seek out advice (from the stars, no less) and work on changing himself for the better to “woo” Cassiopeia the correct way. But when Cassiopeia flees to Earth (The Living Planet), Orion decides he must go after her to make things right and ask for forgiveness for his terrible behavior. But as it turns out, there’s more to adjust to on Earth than just a change of gravity.

Cassiopeia is more adaptable to the changing world around her. After crash-landing due to the gravity and atmosphere on Earth, she is “found” by a group of friends and bandmates (their group is called Justice For Pluto, ironically) that take her in. She spends the next year adapting to human life – cooking, baking, growing house plants, becoming a band manager – and comes to enjoy her time there. So when Orion finally does find her, she’s less than thrilled and is stubbornly and purposefully not allowing him into her life or heart.

Over time, however, the pair grow closer to one another, realizing they have a deeper connection than even they predicted, and learning about each other, including those dark secrets that have been buried for no one to discover, draws them closer together. It all works out in the end, and we may or may not (spoiler alert: we did!) have cried at the end – tears of joy mostly, but there were a few sad tears thrown in the mix.

As we read through all the ups and downs of their relationship, we got to glimpse inside the mind of a celestial warrior who was against the war before it ever started, and find out why the celestial Princess feels unworthy of the love the warrior has to offer. We became attached to every character in this story – their quirks, their personalities, their sarcasm, their wit, and everything in between. We laughed with them, cried with them, felt appalled, and felt the love/hate and devastation that radiated between them. We waited with bated breath for what would happen next.

Essentially, we are sad that it’s over, and we cannot recommend this book enough! The idea of celestial beings living among humans is intriguing, entertaining, and thought-provoking; it makes you wonder…

… is there life outside our small and insignificant world, or are the other-worldly beings already living among us?

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The Last Celestials releases February 14th, and you can pre-order your copy here!

While you’re waiting for your copy to arrive, stream Becca’s playlist for the book to set the tone!

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