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‘Hate Me If It Helps’ Except We Love Everything About It (And Alexander 23)

‘Hate Me If It Helps’ Except We Love Everything About It (And Alexander 23)

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. A new release from Alexander 23 is our favorite way to start the morning and we aren’t exaggerating when we say this may be our favorite release from him yet. After being teased with snippets, we’re finally able to listen to ‘Hate Me If It Helps,’ and make no mistake, it’s all we’re listening to today.

‘Hate Me If It Helps’ – Alexander 23

The music video is giving dramatic indie film breakup moment and we’re absolutely in love. The song itself though? It has us SCREAMING. ‘Hate Me If It Helps’ is Alexander 23’s first release in a while, following his Oh No, Not Again EP. Fun fact, if you need any more motivation to go listen to this song, Olivia Rodrigo co-wrote it! What are you waiting for go stream it right now!!

The Build-Up (That Led To Our Breakdown)

There are so many things we want to say about this song we’re having a hard time gathering our thoughts. Not Alexander 23 though, he executed this track perfectly. It starts slow, as many of his songs do, with that laid-back, bedroom pop sound. By the time the chorus hits though, you’re absolutely blown away. The way his vocals layer together and fade out for the guitar riff in the middle of the chorus? We were absolutely screaming on the first listen. The verses go back to the soft vocals and pick up again at the chorus and we love how it sounds.

Crossing The Bridge

We can really hear the Olivia Rodrigo influence in the bridge of this song. Frankly, this is one of Alexander’s best bridges.

I’m sorry I stayed up with you every night
For making you laugh when you wanted to cry
I’m sorry I paid for your SSRI’s
For making you happy I apologize
I’m sorry I put you in front of my friends
Yeah, my bad forgiving you for what you said
So go and be angry but you can’t pretend
‘Cause I know that you never would
‘Cause I know that you never could
Yeah, I know

We can’t get over the way this bridge sounds, the build-up, the emotion, it all comes together so perfectly and it’s one of our favorite parts of the song. It flows into the final outro of the song so well and makes for such a wonderful listening experience.

Hate Me If It Helps
THP @ Alexander 23, colorized, 2022.
Image Source: GIPHY

An Emotional Whirlwind

At its core, ‘Hate Me If It Helps’ is an emotional declaration to an ex-love, “you can hate me if it helps.” If it helps the other person feel better about the end, so be it.

You can tell ’em I’m the bad guy if it helps you sleep okay
Because all you want is closure, but there’s nothing left to say
So you can hate me if it helps
You can hate me if it helps

The emotions are palpable in this track, which is a personal one for Alexander 23. The sentiment of ‘Hate Me If It Helps’ is not an easy one to express or accept and there are all sorts of feelings all over the place.

I wonder if your therapist likes me
I guess it depends on how much of the truth you tell to her
And I wonder if your brother wants to fight me
Would he change his mind if he saw his big sister at her worst?

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Along with the sadness, it almost feels like there’s a hint of bitterness or passive-aggressiveness towards the other person. It’s like he’s saying, I’m okay with being seen this way, but if they only knew the truth. Overall though, it’s a very angst-laden, emotional track and we will be lying on the floor crying to it keeping it on repeat all day.

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We need to know all your thoughts on ‘Hate Me If It Helps’ immediately! Do you love it or do you love it? Alexander 23 has a new album in the works and if this is what the rest of it is going to be like, we absolutely cannot wait. Come chat with us about it on Twitter or drop a comment below!

Want more from the king of feels and bedroom pop? Right this way for more Alexander 23!


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