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Revisiting NIKI’s Most Iconic Music Videos In Honor Of ‘Every Summertime: A Love Story’

Revisiting NIKI’s Most Iconic Music Videos In Honor Of ‘Every Summertime: A Love Story’

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On February 8th, 88rising artist NIKI premiered a new short film music video for her single ‘Every Summertime.’ The cinematic video transports us to 1970s LA, where a bright and youthful couple are celebrating their anniversary. Flash forward to the present, and a debonair elderly man is getting ready for his 50th anniversary. As he makes his way through a bustling Chinatown, the present is interspersed with flashbacks of the young couple in the past. As the man remembers times passed, he puts on the shoes his wife gave him back then and dances through the neon streets in honor of his wife and his past self. The nostalgic video is as joyful as it is bittersweet, and visually it’s wistful and enchanting.

The music video was directed by Daniel Cloud Campos, who is the creative visionary behind a slew of gorgeous videos including NIKI’s ‘Indigo’ and fellow 88rising artist Jackson Wang’s ‘100 Ways.’ As for the story, NIKI’s solo song is included about halfway through the soundtrack album Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: The Album and samples ‘In The Summertime’ by Mungo Jerry.

“Because I continue to get asked what story I pictured in my head when I wrote this, well this is it! Inspired by Shang-Chi’s mom & dad, our moms & dads, their moms & dads & all the generational meet-cutes in history that happened and could have been made into music videos – this is their story.”


In honor of ‘Every Summertime: A Love Story,’ here are some other essential NIKI music videos that demonstrate her iconic artistry!


While technically this is not a full music video and is rather a visualizer, this video is still a highlight. The ethereal aesthetic and disco-era magic mixed with modern 2020s flair complements the song so well. ‘Selene’ brings NIKI’s signature smooth vocals to a funky throwback beat and silky falsettos, and this visualizer creates the perfect vibe to go with it.

‘La La Lost You’

‘La La Lost You’ uses the same storytelling techniques as ‘Every Summertime’ as it follows a relationship from beginning to end through flashbacks and present-day shots. It captures the yearning loneliness of nostalgia and ends on a hopeful note of closure. This video shows how you can let good memories exist in the past and still move forward to a new chapter.


‘Indigo’ was also directed by Daniel Cloud Campos. The video features an eerie dinner between NIKI and a guy, with a slew of butlers serving them. While the song is a light pop jam, the video highlights darker undertones as one of the butlers flashes a “leave now” note on a napkin, and NIKI exhibits her control over them by making him hit his face against the table. When the guy sips the blue liquid from NIKI’s wine glass, he enters an altered universe that glows neon in the dark. The video is mesmerizing and underlines NIKI’s smart lyrical abilities.


As the music video just before ‘Every Summertime,’ ‘Split’ is the latest to be a part of the Head In The Clouds 3 album series. The somber song shows NIKI reminiscing over childhood photo albums and singing in a retro club. The bittersweet vibe is heart-wrenching as the video shows the ache of splitting your time and heart between two places as NIKI must between LA and Indonesia.

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There’s no doubt that NIKI is a superstar!

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