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Throw A ‘Pity Party’ All Year Long With These Four JAMIE Songs For Each Season 

Throw A ‘Pity Party’ All Year Long With These Four JAMIE Songs For Each Season 

JAMIE is back and stronger than ever with her new all-English single ‘Pity Party,’ and we’re here to make sure you hear just how powerful her vocals are. This addictive disco-style track serves as a motivational anthem with lyrics that encourage not only JAMIE herself but also her fans. 

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‘Pity Party’ is a declaration that she won’t be influenced by others or allow herself to wallow in sadness – she’d rather pick herself up and throw herself a ‘Pity Party.’ Why be sad when you can party with your besties in matching outfits while belting out notes that others can only dream of hitting?

There’s no stopping this queen of vocal talent, and we’ve got a few of her hits picked out just for you to keep you jamming with JAMIE all year ‘round! 

Fall – ‘Pity Party’

First, we need to begin with her latest release. ‘Pity Party’ pairs a catchy chorus with stunning and haunting visuals. From the brain on top of a cake to her background dancers in masquerade masks, this music video gives us major Halloween vibes. JAMIE is the only Wednesday Adams we need in our life, thank you. 

Winter – ‘Christmas’

We love when artists release their own Christmas track – it feels like a milestone to be proud of, and JAMIE’s sweet holiday track is no different. Her song was at the top of our wishlist and we didn’t even realize it until we had it. Bring on the holiday cheer with JAMIE each year!

Spring – ‘Numbers’ Ft. Changmo

As the snow and ice melt away, press play on the perfect track to match this change of seasons. This song brings the heat with lyrics and a beat that will make you feel like a boss. ‘Numbers’ will have you dancing your way out of the frigid weather into the sunshine of spring. 

Bonus: pH-1 – ‘365&7′ Ft. JAMIE

One of our favorite collabs has a music video absolutely perfect for springtime. We adore the bright colors and catch ourselves singing this chorus every day!

Summer – ‘Stay Beautiful’

The perfect song for driving down a highway with the windows rolled all the way down. The music video reminds us of late summer nights with our best friends. This slow and sweet track shows off JAMIE’s amazing vocal ability and remains one of our favorite songs of hers!

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