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Why We Love Charli XCX Even More After Watching Alone Together

Why We Love Charli XCX Even More After Watching Alone Together

It’s no secret that we at The Honey POP adore Charli XCX, and we finally get to watch her amazing Alone Together documentary on Hulu! The movie shows off her personal life, love of her fans, and creative process like we’ve never seen. We can’t get enough of the film, and here are just three of the many reasons why.

Her Relationship with Her Angels

Alone Together has us feeling all of the things, namely that she is one of our best friends, who happens to be a chart-topping singer-songwriter. Her relationship with her fans (called Angels) is unique, and what we would call #squadgoals. She is very close with them and has a relationship with them that cannot be seen in many other places in music today. It’s so special that we wrote an entire article about it after watching the documentary trailer!

Her Authentic Personality

This documentary shows the story of an artist on tour right before the pandemic, and then how she dealt with the effects firsthand. The rest of her performances got canceled, but Charli did not let that stop her from creating music. She isn’t afraid to be weird and silly, and we saw lots of that in this film, especially with the lockdowns that pushed some of us to our limits. She is one of us and is not afraid to call herself out on it, either, which is one reason we love her. We stan a humble, self-aware queen!


Her Openness and Courage To Be Vulnerable

Charli took the time during the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020 and set herself an ambitious task: creating an entire album in 40 days, at home with no one but her boyfriend, Huck, and the rest of her team virtually. She called the album how I’m feeling now, and we think that is a very appropriate title. She got the fans involved as much as possible via social media through Instagram lives & Zoom calls, where up to 1,000 lucky Angels listened to the progress and helped her out by contributing things like remixes, lyrics, and cover art. Doing this, she was being extremely vulnerable and “pulling back the curtain” on her process, showing her fans and followers what it takes for her to make an album, 2020 style.

Image Source: Charli XCX via Twitter

This process and its stresses and trials took a toll on Charli’s mental health, and we really saw that in this film. There were times she wanted to quit, but she persevered and pushed through to its completion. We think that the creation of both this film and album pushed her to her limits, and allowed her to explore her emotional boundaries. We feel the title of this doc, Alone Together, reflects how both Charli and her Angels were feeling during this time.

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The album’s creation wasn’t the only thing that was an undertaking. Making this film was also another task for Charli and her team. The home-filmed clips shot by Charli and Huck – who had been together for seven years, but due to living their bi-coastal lives, had never spent more than a few consecutive days together – took over a year to edit and compile. One huge takeaway from this film is the power of community and love, and how important those things are when all people feel is loneliness and isolation. The end will have you feeling hopeful and just all warm and fuzzy! And, yes, that Charli is just the girl next door. 

Image Source: Hulu via Twitter

What do you think about Charli’s new doc, Alone Together? Have you seen it or are planning on watching it? Let us know your thoughts and reactions in the comments below or by reaching us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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