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Payno Premiers: Meet The Stars Of Liam Payne’s Here’s To The Future

Payno Premiers: Meet The Stars Of Liam Payne’s Here’s To The Future

Okay, honey bees, we are so excited for the second installment of Liam Payne’s Here’s To The Future, the upcoming new artist showcase on February 12th. After its rescheduling from January, Liam will finally be gracing our Veeps screens again as he lends his spotlight to some incredibly talented artists, who he has handpicked for their bright futures! And let’s be honest – If Liam loves them, we will too! Good timing considering it’s nearly Valentine’s!

And just like last time, The Honey POP is here again to help you get ‘Familiar’ with these rising stars! So let’s meet the stars of Here’s to The Future!

Introducing: Lyn Lapid
Image Source: Lyn Lapid via Instagram

We have been absolutely blown away by Lyn’s exquisite vocals since we dove nose-first into her discography. It’s crisp, sultry, and warm, with such rich and haunting qualities it’s left us with goosebumps!

Lyn Lapid, whose real name is Katelyn, is a singer-songwriter, and wicked ukelele player from Baltimore Maryland, whose star factor exploded on TikTok, followed by her debut single ‘Producer Man’ in 2020, which has currently racked up nearly 26million streams on Spotify!

Our Hopes For Lyn’s Set

We hope Lyn performs ‘Producer Man’ for Here’s To The Future, as a nod to the start of her incredible artistic journey. The tune follows the story of a manipulative music producer, and well… we suggest you listen to the rest! This track really set Lyn on her track to stardom, and we’re manifesting this getting into Lyn’s setlist! *lights candles*

We’re also keeping our fingers crossed for her incredible tune ‘My Sunny Day’ – a collab with Ted Fresco which we’re sure you’re gonna recognize from its massive TikTok success! We’re calling it, this would slap so hard at the showcase! Who do we have to pay for Liam to sing ‘Sunshine‘ and Lyn to sing ‘My Sunny Day?’

And finally, please Lyn, give us ‘I Guess This Was Goodbye’ live. This is such a beautiful song and the second we heard it, we felt Lyn’s musical aesthetic so perfectly. A sublime showcase of Lyn’s airy head voice and rich mixed vocal, lift this track up and we are so obsessed. Stream ‘I Guess This Was Goodbye’ right here!

We can’t wait to see you at Here’s To The Future Lyn.

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Introducing: Madilyn Bailey
Image Source: Madilyn Bailey via Instagram

Madilyn is a singer-songwriter and musician from Wisconsin, who first tasted the spotlight when she began posting covers on YouTube, and she has soared ever since. The 29-year-old’s discography is overflowing with sheer talent, from her originals to her flawless covers. We’re obsessed with her cover of Liam’s One Direction alum, Zayn, with ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ and we’ll be screaming into a pillow if Madilyn drops this into her Here’s To The Future set!

Think you’ve clocked Madilyn’s familiar face? Yep, she was on America’s Got Talent last year! Madilyn’s AGT performance showed not only her off-the-scales talent but also, the often dark side of the spotlight – Online trolling filled with misogyny. She performed her original song made up of hate comments she’d received online. Racing through to the semi-finals, the track’s original video has garnered over 26million YouTube views!

Our Hopes For Madilyn’s Set

Okay, so obviously we’re manifesting ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ and the hate comments song, because honestly, that’s just a mood, and selfishly, we can just imagine Liam Payne finding it funny, and we always have that as an ulterior motive. But we’re also rooting for our fave 2021 Madilyn single ‘shine your diamond heart.’ Such a beautiful, moving, and close-to-home song for so many. Stream it here! Madilyn really describes it best:

What a tough year this has been for everyone… but we are here and we are still fighting… little did I know back in February that I’d be writing myself just the song that I would need to hear to get me through… I’m grateful for all that I have faced and I’m grateful to have withstood the pressure long enough to allow it to transform me… I hope this song meets you where you are and gives you the courage to continue on!!

Madilyn Bailey via YouTube

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Introducing: iamnotshane
Image Source: iamnotshane via Instagram

Spoiler Alert: He is in fact, Shane. iamnotshane, aka Shane Neimi, is a 26 year old singer-songwriter and (dancer!) from LA, who’s been driving towards his passion as an artist, since he was eight years old! We’re so excited for Shane to pick up the pace at Here’s To The Future, with his bop-worthy discography. Plus, iamnotshane is independent, and ya’ll know how much we love an indie artist here at THP! Shane’s music has a fusion-pop vibe, with heavy dance and R&B moods, as well as acoustic excellence sprinkled throughout his sound. With smooth af vocals and a falseto that makes the hairs on our arms stand up to attention, we’re so excited for how well iamnotshane’s vibes will compliment the showcase. From our first listen, we immediately vibed with Liam picking this talented artist! Smash it Shane!

Our Hopes For iamnotshane’s Set

Just saying it now, if ‘don’t say that’ is not in the set, we’re gonna throw hands. iamnotshane’s latest single is a growing bop and we know how hard this is gonna go with live instrumentals. Fans of The Weeknd will be obsessed with this single! Stream it here!

We’re also rooting for the 2015 viral track ‘Insecure’ which blew up for all the right reasons! With nearly 12million Spotify streams, surely this will be in iamnotshane’s setlist, right? With an atmospheric instrumental, with drops and R&B drums, ‘Insecure’ is going to be fire in this setlist, especially if iamnotshane throws in some of those iconic dance moves!

We’re also holding out for the absolute mood that is ‘What A Perfect Day For Crying,’ iamnotshane’s 2020 single that may actually be our fave single! Relatably raw honest lyrics lifted by understated vocals that we feel in our soul! We’re picturing this with stripped back lighting, and a good dose of hip action for good measure! Come on Shane, feed us!

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Introducing: Just Stef
Image Source: Iam_juststef via Instagram

Talent incoming! We are obsessed with Just Stef! Clearly Liam Payne is too, as he should be! Just Stef is a phenomenal singer-songwriter who has moved around many places, including Florida, and Southern California, and draws on her Argentinian heritage. Her career exploded thanks yet again, to TikTok, and in 2019 Stef was spotted by a former Spotify exec, who saw Stef’s talents, and the rest is history! Her first single ‘Miss u Miss Me’ currently sits at over 8million Spotify streams, and Just Stef continues moving from strength to strength. Fans of Julia Michaels are going to fall in love with Stef’s magic!

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Our Hopes For Just Stef’s Set

We want, no, we demand ‘Joke’ on Stef’s setlist! Her latest single has been an earworm since our first listen. Watch our 2022 Spotify Wrapped be overtaken by Just Stef thanks to this phenomenal intro to Stef’s music. Oh also, let’s be honest, most songs with Explicit Warning’s are gonna get instant points! Such an utterly relatable song with a hook that has stayed with us – we are begging for this tune in the set! Stream it here!

We’d also give you our pin number and the cold side of our pillows, to hear Just Stef performing one of her other releases of ‘Miss U Miss Me’ at the show – Yep, Stef has released this incredible tune in both Spanish and Fillipino! We’d love to hear Just Stef performing this tune while celebrating her Argentinian heritage! In fact, give us all of them! Just back to back ‘Miss U Miss me’ – We’re so game!

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We’re not lying, but we need ‘Liar, Liar’ in Stef’s set! This song would go so hard live, and we can so imagine Liam Payne vibing to this tune! We’re getting Mae Muller energy too, and ya’ll know we’re massive Mae fans, thanks to previous LP shows! We’ve been humming the chorus melody to ‘Liar, Liar’ for about three weeks now, and we think Stef performing it is the only way we’ll be able to get on with our days and be productive again!


We’re so hyped for these four incredible artists on the rise! We know they’re going to crush it at Here’s To The Future, and we can’t wait for them all to feel the love of this fandom. Let’s do Liam proud, and use our powerful platform as fans, to stream their music! Welcome to the LP family Lyn, Madilyn, Shane and Stef! We’re passionate, slightly unstable and we have cookies!

Liam Payne will of course be performing too! If you’ve stuck with THP for a while, you know where we’re going with this! Please Liam Payne, for the love of all things Harry Potter, cookies and cowboys, please give us ‘Remember.’ We’re so excited to find out what Liam is going to perform, and the Liam giggles we’re going to get at the show, will solve literally all of our problems right now!

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Have you got your ticket to Here’s To The Future? We’ll see you over on Veeps! What were your fave moments of the night? ‘Say It All’ down in the comments, and don’t forget to buzz over to our socials, @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, and Instagram.

Want more Liam based serotonin? Don’t worry, we gotchu!


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