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These Covers By Rolling Quartz Will Have You Becoming A Diadem Real Fast!

These Covers By Rolling Quartz Will Have You Becoming A Diadem Real Fast!

If you’re into K-bands or pop-rock in general, Rolling Quartz is a real must for you to be stanning. Consisting of five badass babes, Areum, Iree, Yeongeun, Jayoung, and Hyunjung, Rolling Quartz debuted at the end of 2020 with ‘Blaze.’ Within their first year as a debuted band, we were blessed with a bunch of incredible covers and their own takes on some of our favorite songs.

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‘Zitti E Buoni’ – Måneskin

Rolling Quartz found inspiration from Eurovision 2021 winners Måneskin and did not one but two covers of ‘Zitti E Buoni,’ serving us both a “hot” and “cold” version. As we know, singing in a language you’re not too familiar or fluent in can be difficult, but the girls totally smashed it and absolutely ate on this cover leaving no crumbs whatsoever.

‘Dynamite’ – BTS

We are in love with this rock version of BTS‘s chart-topping hit ‘Dynamite.’ We’ve heard a number of covers since the song dominated the music world, and we can hand on heart say this is by far one of our all-time favorites. The vocals are so strong and they really make this their own. We love the small lyric change to “Rolling Quartz” for that personal touch!

‘Bad Romance’ – Lady Gaga

Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah! We are living for this take on Lady Gaga‘s ‘Bad Romance!’ This performance takes inspiration from Halestorm‘s cover and honestly, it absolutely slaps, we would sign a petition for this to be on a setlist of their future tours in a heartbeat. And honestly? We think Mother Monster herself would absolutely approve.

‘XTRA’ – AleXa

A mix of a collab and cover, Rolling Quartz teamed up with our gal AleXa for a special performance of ‘Xtra’ and we just have to ask: why is this not available on streaming platforms?! We love the original version of the song, but this version? A kick-ass collab of utter icons? We are simply ascending. We are one more listen away from bringing back our black hair with bangs, dark lipstick, and starting a moshpit at THP HQ.

‘Shape Of You’ – Ed Sheeran

As a song played on guitar by the original artist, we were interested to see how Rolling Quartz would take on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You,’ and to no surprise, they really did such a great rendition. It would have been easy for them to make it more upbeat and a headbanger, but the smooth and steady tempo had us grooving along and totally enjoying how laid back it was in comparison to other covers by the girls. We also loved the instrumental breakdown in between!

‘Good Night’ – Dreamcatcher

For this cover, the girls took a pop-rock song and made it even heavier. We still listen to the original by Dreamcatcher regularly and the more instrument-based version of ‘Good Night’ honestly goes hard. The girls loved covering this song so much that it’s actually on their first mini-album Fighting, meaning that you can enjoy the studio version and stream it whenever you please!

‘Kimarigoto’ – BRATS

Flexing their multilingual skills once more, this cover of ‘Kimarigoto’ by Japanese sister rock duo BRATS is simply iconic. Both groups performed on the Ambitious Girls Rock 1 live stream last year so it was so exciting to see Rolling Quartz choose to cover one of BRATS’s songs. The song definitely fits the vibe of their sound and they did an amazing job. We’d love to see these two collaborate someday!

If this doesn’t turn you into a Diadem then we have to question if we can still be besties, tbh.

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Which of these covers is your fave? What song would you like to see Rolling Quartz give a fierce rendition to next? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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