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Three Of Jason Mraz’s Most Romantic Music Videos In Honor Of Lalalalovesongs

Three Of Jason Mraz’s Most Romantic Music Videos In Honor Of Lalalalovesongs

It’s no secret that Jason Mraz offers some of the best love songs out there, and he’s celebrating his swoon-worthy legacy with his compilation album Lalalalovesongs, which has just dropped! You’re not going to want to miss this – physical versions of the record include 11 songs, and if you get the digital version, you also get a bonus track. We’re already in our feels!

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To celebrate this iconic release, we are taking this time to share what we believe are some of Jason Mraz’s best love song music videos! Let’s jump right in and sing along. Lalala…

‘I’m Yours’

Let’s start out with a favorite that just about anyone could sing along to, whether it’s with a group of your friends or driving around town by yourself. ‘I’m Yours’ is just that song that everyone seems to know and love, and for good reason!

‘Lucky’ Feat. Colbie Caillat

The next video on our list is the Colbie Caillat-assisted ‘Lucky,’ a collab we still can’t get enough of. This video is simple, yet just what was needed for this beautiful song. It lets the lyrics and Jason and Colbie’s gorgeous voices be the main focus.

‘You and I Both’

We all love a good light-hearted video, and that is just what this next one brings us. ‘You and I Both,’ while an incredibly good love song, has a bit of humor going on in this light-hearted music video.

Our list of videos we love could go on and on, but these are just a few of our favorites. And lucky for us, all these songs appear on Lalalalovesongs!

We know, we know – now you just want to know HOW can you get your hands on this amazing piece of work? Don’t worry, you can find the album here!

Oh, and one thing you are REALLY not going to want to miss is the neon-pink limited edition Lalalalovesongs vinyl that you can purchase exclusively at

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Here at The Honey POP, we cannot stop buzzing about the fact that Jason Mraz is giving us our favorite love songs all in one place. We are so excited to be sharing it with all of you too!

Do not miss out on this amazing work! Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP and let us know if you’re already jamming out to Lalalalovesongs!

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