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From Competitive To Unbothered: The Many Sides Of NCT’s Jaehyun

From Competitive To Unbothered: The Many Sides Of NCT’s Jaehyun

If you know NCT’s Jaehyun, then you know he is literally the biggest representative of audio we all know pretty well: “Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head?” Seriously though, we will never know what this man is thinking. Jeong Jaehyun always surprises us with his actions, but this is exactly what we love about him. Jaehyun has many sides that we admire, aside from his obvious talent and beauty. So, as THP, we needed to list some of them to give people more reasons to admire him.

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When we think of NCT’s Jaehyun, one of the first things that come to mind is his fierce competitiveness, and no one can blame us. When it comes to playing games against his members, Jaehyun almost completely forgets that he competes against his precious members. Suddenly, they’re all his main rivals. So, if life is a game, trust us: Jaehyun is ready to win.


There is chaos if there is NCT, no matter what kind of combination we get. So you have to get prepared to hear a lot of laughter, a lot of loud noises, a lot of “fights.” However, one member doesn’t seem affected by what’s happening around him. Yep, that one member is Jaehyun! Whatever his members are doing at that moment, Jaehyun just smiles and watches them. Sometimes, he doesn’t even look at them. So when we say, “We stan an unbothered king,” you should know that we are talking about NCT’s Jaehyun. 


Mark our words, Jaehyun is one of the sweetest people in the world. He is always so caring and kind towards all NCT members and NCTzens. You can feel he really cares about the people around him. Jaehyun is kind of shy by nature, so he says he can’t show his emotions very well, but he has his own ways to show how much he loves his members and fans. From his motivational words to his fans who are having a rough time to him sending many boxes full of beverages for the staff of the Marie Antoinette musical, which Doyoung starred in, he proves that he is very thoughtful. 


Jaehyun might seem very calm, but actually, he is a huge goofball. Well, he is NCT’s first maknae at the end, and sometimes he gives us flashbacks by radiating goofy maknae energy, making his members laugh as well as his fans. I mean, we all remember how he acts like he got attacked by a toy snake on an episode of Johnny’s Communication Center, right? 


Listen, just because y’all are sleeping on Jaehyun’s humor, it doesn’t mean he isn’t funny. In fact, we think he is one of the funniest members of NCT. He can pull jokes with a straight face and his usual calm voice, which makes us laugh so hard. If you don’t understand his sense of humor, well, it’s your loss.

Secret Dad

Jaehyun is a secret dad, but we don’t mean ✨ fatherly attitude ✨ when saying that. We are actually talking about his behaviors like he has three kids at home. To be more specific: his laugh, his sneeze, and how he “manhandles” stuff. His “HA HA HA” laugh is probably the most iconic thing in the world, and we absolutely love it, but we gotta admit that we die a little bit inside when we watch Jaehyun in NCT album unboxing videos because of the way he treats the albums. 

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We gotta be honest here. Sometimes we forget that Jaehyun is an idol because HOW CAN A PERSON BE SO GOOD AT EVERYTHING? Jaehyun is an all-rounder, and even his NCT 127 members agree on this. His dance moves are always smooth, and he proved himself numerous times at the center. His vocals? Like, are we even going to talk about his vocals? Okay, you asked for it. With his deep but smooth voice, he can handle every note. His voice is unique, and it is not a surprise that he is one of the main vocalists of NCT. Oh, also, did you know he trained to be a rapper actually during his rookie days? Yep, the man can rap, too! And we are not even going to talk about visuals because nobody can beat him when it comes to that category. So, yes, Jaehyun is an all-rounder idol, and we are happy to witness it.

Image Source: Tumblr

What about you? What is your favorite side of Jaehyun? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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