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‘Stay Alive’ Is Further Proof BTS Are Masters Of OST Magic

‘Stay Alive’ Is Further Proof BTS Are Masters Of OST Magic

Jungkook and Yoongi for Stay Alive promo

Drum roll please…it’s the moment ARMYs have been waiting for! ‘Stay Alive,’ sung by Jungkook and produced by SUGA, for 7Fates: Chakho has finally arrived and fulfilled our Yoonkook (or Sugakookie, if you prefer) subunit dreams.

ARMY has been eagerly counting down the days to this release (ever since the tragic day when Jungkook’s Spotify profile turned out to be a fake, which we don’t discuss). And the song definitely did not disappoint! Featuring SUGA’s sleek production and Jungkook’s dreamy, silky vocals, ‘Stay Alive’ takes us on a journey of its own as it supports the story in 7Fates: Chakho, HYBE’s original WEBTOON. The release of this OST is special in more ways: it is the first OST used as background music in a WEBTOON in all 10 languages of its global release.

And this isn’t the first time BTS has made an absolutely fire OST!

‘Christmas Tree’ by V

In December 2021, V released solo track ‘Christmas Tree,’ which was included on the OST for Our Beloved Summer on Netflix. The romantic, soulful song created the perfect vibe for both the show and the holiday season!

‘Film Out’ by BTS

Co-written and co-produced by Jungkook, this beautiful ballad was used as the ending theme for the Japanese TV show Signal in February 2021. The track is poetic and heartfelt, featuring all of the BTS members’ unique vocals. Plus, ‘Film out’ gave us its gorgeously crafted music video.

‘Yours’ by Jin

Jin’s poignant ballad for K-drama Jirisan in 2021 marked his first solo OST effort and broke records in Japan and the US. ‘Yours’ flew to the top of iTunes charts around the world and debuted at number one on the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart.

‘Sweet Night’ by V

V’s ‘Sweet Night’ was included in the OST for Itaewon Class (featuring a Wooga Squad member, IYKYK) in March 2020. V’s honey vocals on ‘Sweet Night’ became a comfort song during the early days of the pandemic and felt like a warm hug in song form.

‘Your Eyes Tell’ by BTS

Once again written by Jungkook, ‘Your Eyes Tell’ was included on BTS’s Map of the Soul: 7 – The Journey album and was the theme song for the Japanese film of the same name, also known as Kimino mega toikaketeiru. The heartwarming song complemented the romantic story of the film with Jungkook’s signature magic.

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‘It’s Definitely You’ by V & Jin

When V starred in the drama Hwarang in 2016, Jin kindly lent his voice to this OST track in support. The song brought V’s deep vocals and Jin’s smooth ones together to create soft, heartfelt magic.


This compilation for the mobile game of the same name featured four new singles from BTS, as well as instrumental themes for each member. Songs like ‘Dream Glow’ with Charli XCX and ‘Brand New Day’ with Zara Larsson created new subunits and songs that captured summer 2019 like a time capsule. The instrumentals also brought us soaring strings and whimsical magic. This OST is an underrated nugget of gold in BTS’s discography!

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7Fates: Chakho is an urban fantasy retelling of chakhogapsa, a legendary group of tiger hunters from the Joseon Dynasty. New episodes are released every Saturday! You can check out or catch up with 7Fates: Chakho here!

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  • As always BTS never disappoint, they create amazing music for every OST & album. Their creativity is off the charts! I love the webtoon!

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