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We’re Dancing Out Our Feelings To The ‘she’s all i wanna be’ Music Video

We’re Dancing Out Our Feelings To The ‘she’s all i wanna be’ Music Video

It’s no secret that we adore Tate McRae here at The Honey POP. The viral superstar took the world by storm with the massive success of her hit track ‘you broke me first,’ which hit one BILLION views. Yeah, like with a B. Tate’s voice and her song have us hooked and we love watching her rise to the top. We’ve had her latest track ‘she’s all i wanna be’ on loop ever since it dropped. Seriously, it’s stuck in our heads. It’s the perfect song if you’re dealing with relationship struggles, so if you need us it’s what we’re screaming to this Valentine’s Day. To make it even better, now we have the ‘she’s all i wanna be’ music video and we’re blown away!

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The ‘she’s all i wanna be’ Music Video Has Us Shook
Is That A Triple Threat We See?

So we already know Tate can sing. And we knew she could dance but her moves in this video really blew us away! The expressions and acting? The story? On. Point. Perhaps she is a triple threat in the making and we’re all for it.

she's all i wanna be music video
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Anyway, if you see us trying to copy the choreography from the music video and failing miserably…..mind your own business. The concept of the video is such a creative way of capturing the song. The high-stakes pressure of a dance competition/audition is one way to visualize ‘she’s all i wanna be’ and the competitive nature and desire to be like someone else that Tate sings about.

Speaking Of Dance…

While the ‘she’s all i wanna be’ music video is some of the most intense choreo we’ve seen from Tate McRae, she’s no stranger to busting a few moves! Here are some more videos that show off her dancing prowess!


The visuals of this video are absolutely stunning and Tate’s dancing is so graceful and really adds such a classy element to the whole music video. The emotion of the strong is expressed through her moves and body language and it’s spectacularly done.

‘friends don’t look at friends that way’

Okay, so we’re kind of obsessed with this song. We could never imagine a choreo like this for a slower tempo song of this nature but we love the simplicity of this video. The focus is on Tate and her once again graceful dance moves. She has a way of capturing the emotion through her dancing and it makes watching this video and experiencing this song an even more beautiful experience.


Solo Tate dancing is lots of fun, but just like with the ‘she’s all i wanna be’ music video, we love seeing Tate show off her moves with other dancers around her. We love the attitude in the choreo, another example of expression through body language and it’s a masterpiece.

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Which one of these videos is your favorite? Any dance moves you wanna learn? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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