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New Music Weekly: Queen Naija And More!

New Music Weekly: Queen Naija And More!

It’s that time of the week again! We are back with new music weekly! We have so many incredible singles for you from artists we love! Let’s get into it!

Vi – ‘Dead To You’

Not only do we have a new single from Vi, but we also have a debut LP announcement! Afterlife is set for a March 3rd release, and if the alt-pop dream that is ‘Dead To You’ is any indication, we are going to be full-on obsessed! Getting to the point where you’ve moved on from your ex to the point of them being ‘Dead To You’ is the ultimate goal!

Stream ‘Dead To You’ here!

Cerise Valdez – ‘Things He Likes’

Cerise Valdez is about to make her way onto all of our playlists. She is making this incredibly relatable pop music that we can’t help but sing along to. In ‘Things He Likes’ Cerise tells a tale we can relate to all too well, adapting the same interests as the person you’re into because it makes you feel closer to them.

Stream ‘Things He Likes’ here!

Calum Scott – ‘If You Ever Change Your Mind’

Calum Scott has one of the most beautiful voices in music. We are consistently blown away and often just put his songs on a loop because of how at ease his voice puts us. ‘If You Ever Change Your Mind’ has broken us, truly. It’s so hard to look back on a past relationship when you’re still hurt about the way things ended, Calum has put that struggle to words beautifully.

Stream ‘If You Ever Change Your Mind’ here!

Kavinsky – ‘Zenith’

In typical Kavinsky fashion, ‘Zenith’ makes us want to jump in our car and drive around at night. This track is the perfect addition to new music weekly, it’s the ultimate example of mood music. Don’t mind us if we have it on a loop until further notice.

Stream ‘Zenith’ here!

Jax Jones – ‘Where Did You Go?’ ft. MNEK

Jax Jones is the moment! Let’s be clear on that! Anytime we get a song that we can tell is going to be a staple for any night out we cling to it, that’s what we’ve found here with ‘Where Did You Go?.’ If you need us we will be imagining being in a field at a festival with this song coming over the speakers.

Stream ‘Where Did You Go?’ here!

Queen Naija – ‘Hate Our Love’ Ft. Big Sean

Can we get a collaboration album between Queen Naija and Big Sean Immediately! Our favorite thing about ‘Hate Our Love’ is how perfectly his flow goes with her incredibly beautiful voice. We can’t think of a better song to not be able to turn off right before the most romantic day of the year.

Stream ‘Hate Our Love’ here!

Hope Tala – ‘Party Sickness’

If you aren’t already on board with being a fan of Hope Tala, what are you doing with your life?! She is this incredible up-and-coming R&B singer who is bound to take over the music scene. ‘Party Sickness’ is a song we have been searching for for so long! It’s all about people like us, the life of the party.

Stream ‘Party Sickness’ here!

Lyn Lapid – ‘I Guess That Was Goodbye’

Have we sobbed to this song a million times over the last few days? Obviously! ‘I Guess That Was Goodbye’ feels like a farewell to childhood, something we are not yet ready to say goodbye to ourselves. There is so much depth in the lyrics, and beauty in the vocals, Lyn Lapid is ethereal, truly.

Stream ‘I Guess That Was Goodbye’ here!

Alexx Bean – ‘Castles’

Bringing new pop-punk tracks to our new music weekly articles is one of our favorite things. It’s a genre we love so much and every time a new life is breathed into it we can’t help but be beyond stoked. Alexx Bean is one of the latest artists to emerge from the scene with ‘Castles,’ inspired by groups we grew up with like Blink-182 and artists we’re appreciating in the now like WILLOW. In our humble opinion, ‘Castles’ is an absolute smash.

Stream ‘Castles’ here!

See Also

chasing luma – ‘bittersweet’

‘bittersweet’ is a track that we would already put up there with our favorite tracks of the year thus far. Not only are we beyond obsessed with ‘bittersweet’ but it’s also the debut from chasing luma, and you guys know how we love to support a debut single over here on new music weekly! We hope 2022 is full of much more new music from chasing luma.

Stream ‘bittersweet’ here!

Haiden – ‘Can’t Hurt Me’

Haiden proves what we’ve been saying for months, TikTok, once you find your target audience, is one of the best tools for emerging artists. ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ blew up on the platform and is now out in its full form for us to enjoy! Haiden is breaking onto the pop scene we can’t wait for more music!

Stream ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ here!

Sitting on Stacy – ‘This Summer’s Day’

We are consistently looking for music that gives us the same serotonin as any song off of Strange Desire by Bleachers, ‘This Summer’s Day’ does just that. We have added this track to our daily listening rotation, Sitting on Stacy is the real deal, we’re officially stans.

Stream ‘This Summer’s Day’ here!

Ben Platt and Ben Abraham – ‘I Am Here’

Come on, how does it get better than these two voices together? Absolutely not! Ben Platt and Ben Abraham are just pure magic on ‘I Am Here.’ We can’t imagine harmonies being more beautiful, truly we have full-body chills.

Check out more of our new music weekly coverage here!

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song we talked about on this week’s new music weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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