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4 Lyrics From Taeyeon’s INVU We Absolutely Adore

4 Lyrics From Taeyeon’s INVU We Absolutely Adore

Sones! Finally, we got more music from our leader Taeyeon! After our queen teased her third album INVU with her pre-release song ‘Can’t Control Myself’ back in January, the full album is finally here delivered to us on Valentine’s day. Now that’s what we call a gift from Amor!

Taeyeon INVU
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The album comes to us in the form of thirteen (yes, you read that right 1!3!) tracks! We had the best time to listen through all of them and have come to the verdict that Taeyeon’s voice is unbeatable when it comes to vocals and how she can make every genre her own. All hail Goddess Taeyeon.

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Being as obsessed with the album as we are, we had a look at some of the tracks’ lyrics and found four lyrics from the INVU album we absolutely adore. Before we get into it, though, make sure to stream INVU here.


“I can’t beat you / Even I abandon myself
And lose myself more/ The irony is that you shine more”

Of course, we had to start off with INVU‘s title track, ‘INVU!’ This house-influenced dance-pop track had us falling for it from the first moment on. Taeyeon’s voice just transfers us to her world where even if she is and looks like a goddess, she is still envious of someone else, and even if she abandons herself, the other person will always shine more in her eyes. The message here: Love yourself, you are enough.


“When the silence becomes more distant/ To the depths of your soul
Soak me to the depths of your soul with me/ I’ll lock you up by my side forever”

‘Siren’ is one of our favorite songs from INVU but don’t tell anybody. The song is almost intoxicating, and Taeyeon’s voice guides us through the vast waters of the ocean, and we are ready for her ‘Siren’ song to enchant us, pull us underwater and have her be with us forever. We want a love like this, we are not going to lie.

‘Ending Credits’

“The reflection of you after the curtain fell/ I can’t say any greetings
Leaving the faded steel cut behind/ Now I’m going to let you go forever”

This entire album makes us wonder who hurt Taeyeon? She seems to be telling the story of a horrible breakup, and ‘Ending Credits’ finishes the album off with a heartbreaking ballad. Taeyeon excels at this genre, making it more than known with this song. The lyrics, though? We feel shattered into a million pieces and just want to cry ourselves to sleep while ‘Ending Credits’ is playing.

‘Cold As Hell’

“It’s cold enough to hurt when you touch it
A place where the noise is swallowed up by the silence”

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While breakups hurt, there is also a lot of anger involved, and ‘Cold As Hell’ really feels like that cold hellish rage one can feel while going through a heartbreak or breakup. We just want to say that Taeyeon, we love you, and whoever hurt you and made you this angry, we will hunt them down for you. Still, ‘Cold As Hell’ makes for an amazing song, and we can’t stop replaying this sad banger. Are we the only ones ready to conquer the world while this is playing?

Taeyeon INVU
Image Source: Tumblr

What do you think about INVU? What’s your favorite song from the album? What’s your favorite lyric? Let us know in the comments down below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, and don’t forget to talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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