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Epik High Were Our Best Valentine This Year

Epik High Were Our Best Valentine This Year

Epik High Is Here 2

The kings of Korean Hip Hop have returned with the second part of their 10th studio album, Epik High Is Here 下. With two title tracks, this release has certainly filled our Valentine’s Day and warmed our hearts, whether we had a Valentine ourselves or not.

Legit, sometimes talking or writing about Epik High is quite pressuring. It feels like we are reviewing our most admired teacher. Because they are that good and have set an example in what has become the Korean Hip Hop industry for years, and they will continue for generations to come. And it shows when we see some of our favorite artists mention how much this trio has influenced their lives and careers. What is not to admire about Epik High? After everything they’ve been through, they still manage to deliver pieces of art every time.

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‘Gray or Gray’

The title track ‘그래서그래,’ which has been translated to ‘Gray or Gray,’ provides a sense of harmony and calm. An acceptance without a real need for justification. Following the group’s history with the public’s hate, this song is inspired by the simple response they could provide at the time.

The track features the beautiful and emotional voice of Younha. This blends the chorus seamlessly and effortlessly to the remainder of the song. It’s smooth and pulls you into its rhythm. You’ll find yourself bobbing your head along with the beat and the electric guitars in the background.

‘Super Rare’

‘Super Rare’ is the second title of part 2. The more fast-paced tempo song features Wonstein, bringing in a melodic voice to the piece; and also, rapper pH-1. If we had to pick one out of the two, most likely it would be ‘Super Rare.’ The video is an overload “maximalistdesign with bright colors, which has blended well with the passionate lyrics, and the day it was released on.

Overall, Epik High Is Here 下 part 2 is unsurprisingly good. It has a diversity to it, with very different types of songs but maintaining the characteristic quality and style. It’s easy to find Epik High’s signature on it. And the common theme of self-love and assurance blend in seamlessly as well.

2022 Plans

Epik High is kicking off a North American Tour this year and will be participating at Coachella 2022 as well! Please make sure to get your tickets and see these amazing artists!

They are the only Korean act to be invited to participate in Coachella for the third time, which we can only say, is very much well deserved.

What are your thoughts on this new release? Share your thoughts with us over on our Twitter at @TheHoneyPop.

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