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Step Into The Magic Of Asha’s Awakening

Step Into The Magic Of Asha’s Awakening

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What do you get when you combine classic Punjabi sounds with influences of modern R&B? Asha’s Awakening, that’s what! The sophomore album from rising star Raveena took our breath away with its beautiful melodies and genre-defying influences. Asha’s Awakening’s 15-track run tells the story of a space princess from ancient Punjab, who explores love and life through the ages, evident in the different genres and influences you can hear on the album. We want to talk about some of our favorite tracks so let’s dive in! (Don’t forget to stream the album here!)

Asha's Awakening
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We love seeing South Asian representation in music (Zayn Malik anyone?) and Asha’s Awakening gives us a wonderful example.

‘Asha’s Kiss’ ft. Asha Puthli

A lot of the influence of this album came from legendary Indian singer Asha Puthli so of course, seeing her featured on one of the tracks is phenomenal! The way her voice blends together with Raveena’s is absolutely melodious and breathtaking. Both vocals are crystal clear and sweet-sounding. You can hear the influence of Asha’s music in this track. We also love hearing Raveena sing in Hindi, “look into my eyes.”


First of all, the cover art is magic. We just had to throw that out there before moving on. Anyway, onto the song. We love the opening to this song, and the whole thing has us grooving along. If we had to describe flowing water with a sound, it would be Asha’s voice and this track, it flows so beautifully. We love the Punjabi influence on this track and think Raveena sounds so pretty singing in Hindi once again!

‘Secret’ ft. Vince Staples

We had a hard time writing this part because we were actually too busy dancing to Vince Staples’ feature on this track. But we’re back now. Look at how visually stunning this music video is, we’re absolutely obsessed. And once we found out she directed it herself? Blown. Away. All the talent.

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We also love Vince Staples being on this track. His voice fits the vibe perfectly and makes the track even more fun. We would not mind more collabs in the future featuring these two.


This track is almost hypnotizing when it hits the chorus. We would consider it to be one of the more upbeat tracks on Asha’s Awakening. The background music gives us a 60s/70s disco blended with modern R&B, with that same Punjabi flair. You wouldn’t think it all ties together just by reading that sentence (or maybe you would), but we promise it’ll blow you away when you first hear it. Raveena’s Hindi count off in the intro was also lots of fun. This track is super catchy, and we’re definitely gonna keep it on repeat.

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What do you think of Asha’s Awakening? Do you have a favorite track? How pretty is Raveena’s voice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!

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