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6 Things We Love About Apink’s New Album

6 Things We Love About Apink’s New Album

Step aside, everybody! K-Pop queens Apink are back with their special album Horn, and they did not come to play! Apink’s new album is their seventh studio album and features eleven incredible bops to add to your party playlist.

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We at THP have a special place in our hearts for second-generation groups. Horn takes everything we love about Apink and puts it all into one album. Here are just six of the many things we love about Apink’s new album!

Apink's new album concept photo
Image Source: IST Entertainment (Left to right: Chorong, Bomi, Naeun, Namjoo, Eunji, Hayoung)

The Title Track

We need several moments to appreciate how good the lead single ‘Dilemma’ is! It has everything we need from an Apink comeback: a catchy melody, breathtaking music video visuals, and relatable lyrics. ‘Dilemma’ is about being torn between staying with someone who doesn’t love you back and just letting them go. We feel seen by this title track.

Their Signature Concept And Sound

We love how Apink has such a distinct pop music style that their new album Horn captures perfectly! Each of the members also had a hand in contributing to the album. It’s fun and lovely. It’s Apink! The melody in ‘Holy Moly’ is especially satisfying to hear. And we don’t know what they put in all of the songs’ instrumentals, but we’re addicted to them!

The Vocals In ‘My Oh My’

‘My Oh My’ is probably one of our favorite b-sides from Apink’s new album! They sing about being around someone who simply heals your soul and spirit. Each of your lights shines brighter because of the other. And it’s truly a beautiful feeling that we can start to understand through everyone’s equally beautiful vocals and harmonies.

The Lyrics In ‘Free & Love’

If you need to escape the pressures of daily life, ‘Free & Love’ is the perfect song. Apink will take you to a place of freedom that you’ve never been to before. The lyrics make you forget about your problems and focus on feeling good in the present. And did we mention Chorong wrote the lyrics to ‘Free & Love?’ The talent and delivery get a 10/10 from us!

The Nostalgia Of ‘Trip’

POV: It’s a quiet summer afternoon, and you’re thinking about the time you spent with a former love when you were much, much younger. You regret how it ended, but you now realize you’re allowed to move on and go down this road by yourself. We love the way ‘Trip’ takes us on a trip down memory lane, reflecting on the people we’ve walked with together. Hayoung also participated in writing this song!

‘Thank You’

We cannot believe Apink are nearing their eleventh anniversary in 2022! ‘Thank You’ was released last year as a special single celebrating the group’s tenth anniversary. Cowritten by Bomi, ‘Thank You’ is dedicated to Apink’s fans, the Pink Pandas. But we think it can also be each member’s message to one another for staying together all these years. We’re so glad Apink included this song in their new album!

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Only Apink can have such a refreshing yet comforting concept for their latest album! They’ve had a huge impact on K-Pop and our lives, and we couldn’t have asked for a better comeback than Horn. To many more years with Apink!

Apink's new album concept photos
Image Source: IST Entertainment

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