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Get Hyped For Permission To Dance On Stage: Seoul With These Iconic BTS Live Performances

Get Hyped For Permission To Dance On Stage: Seoul With These Iconic BTS Live Performances

RISE AND SHINE, ARMY! BTS’s well-deserved break is coming to an end and we are getting ready to enter a new era of the Bangtan Boys, kicking off with their live shows in Seoul!

Get Hyped For Permission To Dance On Stage: Seoul With These Iconic BTS Live Performances The Honey POP Jungkook excited gif
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It’s just been announced that the boys will be taking over Seoul Olympic Stadium on March 10th, 12th, and 13th for PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE: SEOUL, which will be their first in-person concert in South Korea since ‘LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF’ [THE FINAL] about two and a half years ago at the same venue. Not only that, the performances will be live-streamed online on March 10th and 13th, with March 12th broadcasted in cinemas worldwide through a ‘live viewing’ event. We are manifesting it’ll be in our local cinema!

Get Hyped For Permission To Dance On Stage: Seoul With These Iconic BTS Live Performances The Honey POP

The show follows on from the four sold-out Permission To Dance On Stage: LA shows that took place at the end of last year in SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles. They sold 214,000 tickets and grossed $33.3 million, marking the biggest box office draw at a single venue in almost a decade! The shows concluded hinting at a Seoul performance in March, but things have been very hush-hush as the boys went on break for a few months for a much-needed rest. So while anticipated, this announcement has definitely struck excitement throughout the entire ARMY fandom, reminding us all we’ll be reunited with our boys once more very soon.

More details for ticket sales and live streaming events are set to be released on Weverse soon, but in the meantime, we’re sharing with you some of BTS’s best live performances to get you hyped for the shows!

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‘FIRE’ 2016 MAMA

You know that any BTS live end-of-year performance is gonna serve and it’s gonna serve hard. We’ve seen many performances of ‘FIRE’ over the years, but this one at the 2016 MAMAs definitely takes the crown. With their then-latest album Wings newly released, the septet took one of their biggest singles at the time and gave it a makeover to fit with their latest era. And they ate. Left no crumbs. Devoured.

‘Dionysus (Trap Remix)’ Map Of The Soul On:e

This performance of ‘Dionysus’ still lives in our heads rent-free over a year on from the performance at Map Of The Soul On:e. It’s proof that the boys have the ability to get so creative with their live performances and music mixing while still making it totally work. The only criticism we have is that we need a studio version of this. Bang PD, please. We will buy you all the iced coffees it takes to get this remix on streaming platforms.

‘Dynamite’ GRAMMYs 2021

Making major music history, BTS became the first Korean act to perform at the GRAMMYs! Though they featured in the 2020 Lil Nas X performance, this was their first full performance, and they really put on quite a spectacle of a show in such a short amount of time. Connecting Seoul to California during the height of the pandemic, they proved that live music is still alive and thriving no matter what. They truly showed the music world what they’re made of.

‘IDOL’ 2018 MMAs

For anyone who ever doubted that BTS was becoming too westernized following their international success, this performance of ‘IDOL’ definitely says otherwise! Paying homage to their roots, the song is a traditionally inspired track that they took to another level in their Melon Music Awards performance, incorporating other parts of Korean culture with a focus on live samulnori percussion and talchum masked dance traditions. No matter how big these boys get, they will never forget where they are from and will always be proud of that, which we cannot help but admire.

‘Fake Love’ Billboard Music Awards 2018

BTS made their live debut performance of ‘Fake Love’ at the 2018 BBMAs, and it’s just a moment in their live performance history that we will never forget. Not only was it the first performance of their new single, but also their first time performing at the BBMAs before they became a regular to the award show’s lineup.

‘GO GO’ M Countdown Comeback Stage

‘GO GO’ is such a fun BTS song and the live performances have always shown their playful side while still showcasing just how talented they are! Our favorite performance of the song has to be the one from M Countdown. From the bright retro outfits to the immaculate choreography, we truly cannot watch this without a big cheesy grin on our faces.

‘DNA’ at American Music Awards

What a moment in Bangtan history. This was the first-ever BTS live performance in America and they really gave it their all. The AMAs performance made such a lasting impression and their rise both in the US and around the world has yet to peak! Each performance holds as much energy as this first one. Compare this one to their latest one back at the end of 2021 where not only did they give us two incredible performances, but won three of the biggest categories of the night. They’ve come so far and yet their professionalism and performance skills have never once been less than 100%.

‘Pied Piper’ 5th Muster Magic Shop

Ah, yes. The live performance that has all ARMY in a chokehold. The harmonies, mesmerizing lyrics, and they just look incredible in all-black smart casual. And we love the balance of the mic stand serenade with the rotating stage before that final part, including choreography just to catch our breaths even more as if we weren’t losing our minds already. Also, ‘Pied Piper’ is meant to be convincing us to focus on our work rather than just BTS. But… our work involves BTS. So now what, boys? Betcha didn’t think of that, did ya?

‘ON’ The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

What was light-heartedly dubbed as “the closing ceremony of the world” just before the pandemic hit, the BTS live performance of ‘ON’ at Grand Central Terminal was truly extravagant. Taking over the major train station in New York City, the Bangtannies really put every ounce of their being into the performance. With the dance break and their incredible backup dancers and drummers, it felt like something that would be showcased at some major world event. It was just another level.

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‘Dionysus’ 2019 MAMAs

We know we’ve already included one ‘Dionysus’ live performance, but given just how different this one is and how it truly is one of the performances to truly showcase BTS’s capabilities as performers, we just had to include it. Table choreography? Suits? Phenomenal choreography? It checks all the boxes and we expect nothing less from these legends.

‘No More Dream’ M Countdown

To conclude, let’s throw it back with the very first BTS live performance on their debut day. Almost nine years ago, seven fresh-faced young boys were introduced to the world with their debut ‘No More Dream.’ Just a rookie group with ambition and determination, blissfully unaware of the journey they were embarking on or the history they’d be making. We’re sorry. There’s something in our eyes. We’re just… gonna leave it there… *sniff*

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BTS Permission To Dance On Stage: Seoul takes place on March 10th, 12th & 13th in South Korea. More information will be released on Weverse and cinema live viewing info will be shared on the website.

Will you be tuning into Permission To Dance On Stage: Seoul? What’s your favorite BTS live performance? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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