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NCT Show In The NCT Universe: Here’s What You Missed

NCT Show In The NCT Universe: Here’s What You Missed

Nobody does it like NCT when it comes to making their fans’ heads turn. In NCT Universe, there is always new content going on, and all of those contents give us a lot of fun with their qualities. When you have 23 members in a band, the possibilities are limitless. You’ll never know what combination you’ll get or what they will do. More importantly, we have to be honest here: stanning NCT is weird because all you want is to see different members together, just to get a taste of their chemistry. Luckily, it never fails to put the biggest smiles on our faces.

Thankfully, NCT is aware of their dear NCTzens’ biggest wish, and they are here to give it to us. 

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NCT News

To be honest, we can’t recall any other news that has piqued our interest as much as this one. According to Sungchan, NCT News is essentially all about NCT’s monthly biggest news. It means that every month, we will learn what will happen or has happened in the NCT Universe from our hosts. This was the first thing we learned from February’s NCT News: NCT Show will be a monthly event, and NCT News will most likely be the first piece of content we receive each month. We don’t know if Jeno and Sungchan will be hosting each month’s news, but even if they won’t, we gotta admit that we loved this duo so much. 

Aside from Jeno and Sungchan’s chemistry, we liked how this one-of-a-kind news show was organized. We’ve learned a lot of wonderful news, such as the official announcement of NCT Dream’s comeback with the “a little error” spoiler from Jeno, Doyoung, and Taeil participating in K-Drama OSTs, and, of course, the come back of actor Doyoung. However, if we had to pick our favorite part of NCT News, we would have to mention NCT Life Info Show as a section of NCT News, in which we learned a lot of important information about our hair and health. First, Jungwoo, the chief designer of Pure and Innocent Hair, demonstrated how to style our hair to look fabulous, and then Hendery, The Health Expert, taught us how to stretch on cold days to take care of our bodies.

NCT News even had a cute birthday slide that celebrates the birthdays of all NCT members born in February: Doyoung, Jisung, Johnny, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, and Ten.

A Cup Of Coffee Part 3

You have no idea how excited we were when NCT announced that A Cup Of Coffee Part 3 was on the way. The A Cup Of Coffee series began with a VLive with Johnny, Jaehyun, Ten, and Mark, and then we got part two on NCT Daily’s YouTube channel with Doyoung as a guest member. We had been praying for the third part of this series for a long time, and our prayers were finally answered.

Image Source: NCT Official Twitter Account

Johnny, Jaehyun, Mark, Taeyong, Jisung, and Xiaojun appeared in A Cup Of Coffee Part 3. We know, we know, we were astounded when we saw this combination as well. The content was hilarious, as we expected from this group. We heard a lot of old jokes, such as Mark being the secret Spider-Man, Johnny’s father accidentally inventing coffee, and the good old “Zennie Fight” between the members. We don’t think we can pick a favorite part of this video because it was definitely something different from beginning to end, so we recommend you treat yourself and watch the entire thing.

Music Space

It’s a different feeling when two goofy members of a group sit down to talk seriously about something, and ‘Child‘ deserved this kind of content. Johnny hosted February’s Music Space of NCT Show, and he interviewed Mark about the making of ‘Child,’ the song’s backstory, and more. It was a very moving video because we know how close Johnny and Mark are and how proud they are of each other. Throughout the video, Johnny made sure Mark was at ease enough to explain ‘Child’ with his own words, and it worked. Mark stated that he wanted to give a gift to his fans, so he wrote ‘Child,’ which he believes is a relatable song for everyone.

Image Source: Tumblr

Mark was also concerned about the song because it “didn’t feel like Mark,” with so many vocals and a different beat. The smile on his face was definitely worth seeing when Johnny assured him that the song was indeed very Mark. Johnny asked very good questions throughout the video that show he thought about the song too much to understand Mark’s inner ‘Child,’ and Mark did a fantastic job opening up and talking about his first solo song. The interview concluded with Mark’s performance of ‘Child,’ which was the song’s very first performance, and he absolutely smashed it.

CT Golden Bell

Oh, my God. Where do we even begin to talk about this chaotic competition that brought tears to our eyes from laughter? First and foremost, we are overjoyed that Hendery felt comfortable enough to show his weird side outside of WayV because we had so much fun with his little weirdness. Everyone should have known Hendery is funny, and hopefully, they do now.

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Image Source: NCT Offical Twitter Account

Our precious Jisung was our MC for this show, and he did an excellent job. At the start of the competition, he stated that the nine members would be divided into three groups to work together. So we first got Hendery, Taeyong, and Jeno as the “Team ZOO” because three of them appeared in Taeyong’s famous new song of the same name. Then there was “MCz” with Sungchan, Jungwoo, and Mark because Sungchan and Jungwoo are TV show MCs. Last but not least, Johnny, Jaehyun, and Xiaojun formed “A+” because they were confident in their ability to win the game.

We’d like to keep talking about the CT Golden Bell section of NCT Show, but trust us when we say you have to see it to have the time of your life.

What was your favorite part of the NCT Show? Are you excited about new NCT content with new combinations of members? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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