8 Songs By DNCE Your Playlist Needs

Looking to refresh your playlist? Well, look no further. DNCE have a song for everything – no really. And once you overlook Joe as the middle Jonas Bro you will appreciate just how good of an artist he really is!

After the sad breakup of the Jonas Brothers, Joe moved on to a new venture. DNCE is a punk/dance-rock band fronted by Joe Jonas with drummer Jack Lawless, bassist and keyboardist Cole Whittle, and guitarist JinJoo Lee. 

When they came on the scene, many people didn’t know what to expect and this gave Joe an opportunity to do something creative and unique. They released their debut single ‘Cake by the Ocean in 2015 under Republic Records. DNCE released a self-titled debut album DNCE and two EP’s Swaay and People to People, we’ve got eight songs that you should add to your playlist!

They have taken an indefinite hiatus since 2019 when the Jonas Brothers announced their reunion and we can’t wait to see what DNCE releases next, whenever that may be. Rumour has it, there is a song to be released soon and we cannot wait to jam to this.

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Cake By The Ocean’

This song was the perfect song to jump on the scene with, it’s a great song to dance along to as it just screams fun and carefree. DNCE is like the Jonas Brothers but with more grown-up lyrics. This captivating song will get you on your feet and leave you wanting more.

‘Body Moves’

One of the songs released from their debut album, ‘Body Moves’ is infectious and upbeat, and such a worthy follow-up. It’s easy for people to miss the cookie-cutter Joe now he’s all grown up and creating music he wants. This is a taste of the more mature Joe.


Joe said the meaning behind Toothbrush is taking the next step in your relationship. We wouldn’t mind leaving our toothbrush at Joe’s place. This is the third track from their EP Swaay. The ridiculously upbeat song is sleek and sexy and a great track to sing along to!


With soft melodies and sweet lyrics, this is one of our faves from their EP Swaay. The song gives off a distinct indie-pop vibe and Jinx goes under our DNCE underappreciated list. When you don’t want to jinx the possibilities with someone you really like, bang this on your streaming service and let your neighbors know!


The vulnerability in this track is evident with the acoustic ballads, which display both his emotional range and his vocal ability. Backed by a smooth, polished guitar accompaniment, it has a reflective feel and is relationship-oriented. If you didn’t love Joe’s voice already, you will now.

‘Still Good’

The third track from their second EP People to People, this mid-tempo ballad is about heartbreak. DNCE’s catalog is predominantly upbeat, but this song is a mid-tempo ballad that blends soundscapes with melancholy lyrics.

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‘Good Day’

In the mood to dance or need a song to boost your morning? It starts off simple and acoustically, progressing into an upbeat song perfect to start the day off. The song conveys a sense of optimism, as it is rife with casual, off-center boldness


Another vulnerable track from Joe that tugs at the heartstrings and narrates the ups and downs of falling in love again. A soulful treat to the ears. In it, the negative effects of a dysfunctional relationship are explored, as it is presented as a raw, under-processed song.

While DNCE may attack throwback funk, R&B, and bubblegum sounds with incredible ease, they find that “fun” is ultimately the genre they have completely mastered – an underrated trait in pop music. Our crush on Joe Jonas is very much alive.

What do you think about DNCE? Will you be adding them to your playlist? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!


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