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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: White Label Analog Drops ‘Curves’ (Plus A Gorgeous Video!)

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: White Label Analog Drops ‘Curves’ (Plus A Gorgeous Video!)

Hey, hey, hey, honeybees! We’re almost into the weekend and we thought we’d ring it in by sharing some awesome new music with you! There’s a brand new release from White Label Analog, an indie pop/rock band who hail from Austin, TX. The track is called ‘Curves’ and honestly, we are OBSESSED. Oh, and the music video? Left us absolutely in awe. It’s an amazing track that really captures the experience of the last few years dealing with COVID and the fatigue so many of us are experiencing as well as the resiliency that’s been demonstrated. It kinda feels like hope in a song? But check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

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We’re so excited to be sharing this release with you and we were actually lucky enough to get a chance to chat with Chris and Heath about so let’s not waste any time and get right into it!

White Label Analog – ‘Curves’

For our readers who may not know who you are, who is White Label Analog? If you had to describe yourself in a sentence, what would it be?
Heath:  White Label Analog is an Indie Pop/Rock band from Austin, TX that draws on multiple influences/genres and isn’t afraid to explore those varieties while keeping the song in focus as the star, to create its best version without sacrificing what is ultimately best for the song itself. 

So many of us are struggling with “COVID fatigue” after the last three years, how did you go about encapsulating that feeling in ‘Curves?’
Chris:  In the lyrics, I tried to convey a feeling of winter isolation from the perspective of kids at home who can’t be with their friends in person, except maybe communicating online or gaming. I also tried to add a narrative which conjured nostalgia for the things we took for granted, but that because we seem to keep backsliding here and there, the days of yore are becoming more of a distant memory. However, the overall theme is that we are resilient, and will get through the tough times with love and compassion for one another, and to remember we don’t have to carry our burdens in silence. The struggles or “curves” in daily life are universal, and this message is one of hope for anyone dealing with adversity.

On that topic, how did you all deal with Covid and the last three years? Did a lot of that personal experience go into writing this track?
Heath:  Covid has been a tough thing for everybody to deal with from jobs, business, social interacting… the way it shaped the past few years for sure. It certainly played a part in the melancholy feel of the way this track sounds and can be interpreted on many levels.

Chris:  I have friends who have lost loved ones, family members who have been affected, and some that have experienced extreme financial hardship. It has been difficult to see in person, and in the news. Cases were surging and Texas was experiencing a major winter storm event in February 2021 when ‘Curves’ was being written. So, some of that experience organically influenced the writing process for this track. 

White Label Analog
Image Source: Courtesy of Carry The 4

The cinematography of the ‘Curves’ music video is beautiful, was the creative process one you were very involved with? Do you like being involved on the creative side when it comes to music videos?
Heath: Thanks!… a lot of that is due to David & Lisa Reyes (X Horn Productions) for their work and contribution to making the video happen. We are definitely heavily involved in all aspects of the band being an independent artist and having to wear so many hats to create music and all that comes with that in the world of promoting yourself….that said, this was really a treatment they presented with their storyboards, etc… based on our input of what we wanted to do and what we wanted to stay away from. As you referenced earlier about “Covid Fatigue”…we wanted to avoid that draw in comparison visually, though you can certainly draw some imagery from lyrics that hint to that while also telling other stories at the same time.

Chris:  Video is such a necessary element for promoting a song, but more importantly, it is a whole other art form. It’s obviously work, but similar to when a song comes together, when the right visual elements complement the emotion and vibe of a track, it is very rewarding. It adds another dimension, and is as unique of a personal experience as listening to a song for the first time.   

Random acts of kindness can change the world. What are some random acts of kindness that made an impact on you? Any suggestions on ways your fans can give back even if they may have limited resources? 
Heath:  That is a very true statement! I pride myself on being aware of making random acts of kindness and will be honest…the most rewarding ones, are the ones that nobody knows you have even done or that you tell anybody about. It’s like your best way to give by taking yourself out of the equation, not for likes or praise, but because it was the right thing to do or just because you could in that moment.

Chris:  I have personally been inspired by people who dedicate their lives to helping homeless people, who fight to protect and save animals, and the environment. I am amazed by their courage and passion for doing good in the world. However, it doesn’t have to be something huge, sometimes all someone needs is a minute of your time, a genuine smile, a kind word, or some patience. Although it may not always be evident, people are fighting battles you may not realize. So, practicing kindness daily reverberates positive vibes….and of course being from Texas, that should always include holding the door open for others.

Image Source: GIPHY

What was your favorite part of creating ‘Curves?’ What came first, the lyrics or the sound?
Chris:  My musical journey began as a drummer, and like many, I naturally gravitate to beats as they are so fundamentally important to the hook and feel of a song. ‘Curves’ started out as a groove I created, but then I began layering an a cappella vocal intro at the front. I stacked a bunch of octaves, harmonies, and counter melodies to create a big airy choir-like sound. I then added a keyboard melody to compliment the beat and voices, which transition into a pre-chorus, and then started playing with string sounds. On the last chorus, I transposed the music higher for dramatic effect and crescendo. Heath and I collaborated as we always do to get the song in its final form, but this was a first in WLA, where I had written not only vocal melodies and lyrics, but the lion’s share of instrumentation. So, this track is special to me.

What is some music that helped you get through Covid or that helps you deal with life in general?
Heath: I’m probably more of the type that when I feel down or struggling, I like to lean into that and get all those emotions out, just really purge yourself and try to feel every bit of it to help myself move forward. I actually have a playlist that is simply called “Sad” just for those emotions and let it resonate. Artists/songs like Arcade Fire-Deep Blue, John Lennon- Watching The Wheels, Lars Frederiksen-The Viking.  And on YouTube…gotta love Charles Bradley-‘Changes’ or Parker Ainsworth- ‘Running For So Long’ …could go on and on…but music is a powerful thing and always helps me at least up or down…if I’m up or trying to find that up…I’m leaning into stuff like Dua Lipa, Silk Sonic, or The Weeknd lately.

Chris:  Honestly, I’m all over the place when it comes to listening. I can be moved by any song that has that intangible something that takes it to a level of excellence. For my birthday, I recently got to see the Cirque de Soleil show “Love” at the Mirage featuring The Beatles in Las Vegas and was instantly reminded of how great they were and just how much I love them. I dig phenomenal singers who have mastered their voices and created a signature sound that is instantly recognizable. I get a shot in the arm of happy when I hear something by some of my favorite classic bands like The Beatles, Queen, The Cars, or Journey, but also with more modern artists like Michael Bublé, Olivia Rodrigo, Neon Trees, Drake, Sam Fender, or Bruno Mars.   

Now that live music is making its return, any plans for shows? Is there anywhere you want to go and play?
Heath: We want to go everywhere that will have us! Send the plane ticket

Chris:  Yes! What Heath said. Let’s Gooooooo! Lol. We’ve got some fun shows coming up in Austin in the spring and summer, and of course, would love to play Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL) but hoping to play more regional shows and do some touring soon. 

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Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
Heath: For me, it really is too vast to single it down to a few artists…and my influences are constantly changing throughout the years…just really love it all!

Chris: Yup. Exactly!

What do you hope fans take away from ‘Curves’ and from your music in general?
Heath: An emotion or connectivity to what’s represented, be it up/down, etc…and maybe you only like one track or multiple, but that’s your go to for when you feel like “X” or when it randomly comes on…it automatically takes you to that place.

Chris:  For casual listeners to become fans, to inspire them to dig deeper into our catalog and tell others about WLA, and to be one of those bands you add to your favorite playlists.

How cool are these guys? We absolutely loved getting to talk with White Label Analog and ‘Curves’ will most definitely be on repeat on our playlists! What do you think of the band? Let us know your thoughts below or drop us a line on Twitter!

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