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Get Hyped For SEVENTEEN In CARAT LAND With Three Of Our Favorite SVT Songs

Get Hyped For SEVENTEEN In CARAT LAND With Three Of Our Favorite SVT Songs

Carats, the time has come for SEVENTEEN’s annual fan-meet! The 2022 SVT 6th FAN MEETING: SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND will be held as an offline event over three days, March 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2022. The band will also connect with global fans on the final day through a live stream of the offline event.

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SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND 6th Edition will be their first in-person fan event since 2019! This very special day will include stunning performances, games, and talk segments. It’s going to be a blast, we know that for sure. It was announced that the full program will be created based on fan input, making this a chance for SEVENTEEN and CARATs to come together as TEAM SEVENTEEN and celebrate together. 

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

Did you notice the clock on the poster? It reads 2:14, a little easter egg highlighting the date that CARAT was named. They’re sneaky and sweet all at once. 

For more information on ticket sales and event participation, check Weverse as well as the Weverse Shop, and be sure to listen to SEVENTEEN on Spotify and Apple Music!

SVT Catch Up

Charli XCX Collab

Oh, how fast the night changes. Last year in an interview, Vernon mentioned that he sings Charli XCX’s songs in the shower. The British artist took notice and complimented the SEVENTEEN member on his music taste. But this year, Charli XCX went a step further and asked for a collab! 

Vernon replied in the affirmative, and now we can’t stop thinking about just how insanely amazing this collaboration is going to be. There are many directions the song could go in but we’ll just have to wait and see what SEVENTEEN and Charli XCX’s brilliant minds create.


Valentine’s Day? Do you mean CARAT Day? February 14th, 2022, aka CARAT DAY, was the 6th anniversary of the day their fandom was named. How cute is their cake? If you haven’t stanned yet, this is your sign.

Going Seventeen

On February 9th, the newest season of their variety show, Going Seventeen, affectionately called GoSe by their fans, debuted. If you’re in the mood to laugh or wind down after a long day, tune into Part One above!

Three Of Our Favorite SEVENTEEN Songs

‘Rock With You’

It’s been five months since Attacca was released, and not a day goes by that we don’t have this chorus stuck in our head. It’s a hit for a reason!

‘Oh My!’

Of course, this track is one of our favorites, with such a unique melody and fun choreography ‘Oh My!’ stays in our daily playlist. Yes, that’s how much we love this song.

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So when are we getting a full-length feature film adapted from this music video? Every shot is cinematic and gorgeous, someone call Hollywood.

There’s always something new and exciting on the horizon with this group, and we can’t wait to see what they have planned for CARATs in this year’s SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND!

Carats, what songs do you think SEVENTEEN will perform at SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND? Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook

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