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Here’s What To Know About BIGBANG Ahead Of Their Highly-Anticipated Comeback

Here’s What To Know About BIGBANG Ahead Of Their Highly-Anticipated Comeback

Kings of K-POP, aka the original trendsetters in the Korean music industry, BIGBANG have confirmed their highly anticipated comeback, and we are beyond excited. You should be, too!

After a confirmed appearance at the 2020 Coachella Music Festival getting canceled, fans had once again lost hope of a comeback by the group. Even though one of the members, T.O.P, has ended his exclusive contract with YG Entertainment, he has confirmed that he will still participate in the upcoming release, which will be their first comeback in four years. Here’s a rundown of all the things you need to know before the industry explodes this spring, thanks to BIGBANG!

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They Write Their Own Music

Image Source: South China Morning Post

You best believe that the kings of K-POP are very hands-on with their music. All four members are incredible lyricists and producers. Member G-Dragon has over 170 songwriting credits under Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA), making him the 4th most credited idol despite not releasing any new music since 2018. Member T.O.P has been praised for finding lyrical inspiration in inanimate objects, bringing in a unique flavor. Members Daesung and Taeyang are known as kings of love songs. So the combination of the four is bound to make a fiery track, though we do hope the comeback will be more than one song!

They’re Kings Of Fashion

Image Source: YG Entertainment

As we mentioned earlier, BIGBANG are trendsetters in not just K-POP but also beyond. Their style is eccentric and unique to the point that there are some styles only BIGBANG can pull off – we mean, not many people can slay a tomato red mullet, right? Their music videos are filled with outlandish outfits, hairstyles, and colors that then become staples in K-POP’s aesthetic for years to come. And while the colors are great, BIGBANG has matured and adapted over the years. Their style is also sophisticated and composed. But regardless of the concept, they will wow you with their fashion.

They Can Deliver A Bomb Chorus

Image Source: YG Entertainment

Their songs will have an amazing chorus, granted that it isn’t a ballad. And even if it’s a ballad, their chorus will get stuck in your head! BIGBANG is known for their catchy tracks, which contributed to their songs becoming iconic hits that are still enjoyed by fans of the genre years later. Plus, G-Dragon has admitted to enjoying writing a good chorus in his songs. So whether it is “Girl, I wanna get down 넌 어떻게?” or “Wow, fantastic baby, dance (ooh, ooh) / I wanna dance, dance, dance, dance, dance,” it is bound to get us all humming along.

Brace For A Deep Impact

Image Source: YG Entertainment

As you might have already realized, a BIGBANG comeback is a big deal not just for their fans (aka VIPs) but also for the rest of the industry. Regardless of what style they opt for, what genre the song will be, what color palette they’ll choose, or if they’ll choose to promote the comeback, the impact will be insane. Their songs and albums have shattered records every time, both domestically and internationally, when it comes to charts, sales, views, and everything in the middle.

So basically, get ready to be blown away this coming spring! The biggest names we often hear in K-POP these days have all been influenced by BIGBANG in their careers and style.

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So what are you most excited about BIGBANG’s highly-anticipated return? Let us know in the comments below or find us @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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