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New Music Weekly: Vance Joy And More!

New Music Weekly: Vance Joy And More!

It’s that time again! We have quite the roundup for this week’s New Music Weekly, with releases from so many artists that we can tell are going to have huge years as we get into 2022! Let’s get into it!

ANTIBOY – ‘Insanity’

We want to take a moment to say that while Harry Hains isn’t with us any longer, we are floored by the continued mission, inspired by Harry, of mental health awareness and inclusion.

The whole concept of the ANTIBOY project is innovative and beautiful. We are so drawn in by ‘Insanity’ – it’s such a deeply meaningful track, and you can tell that the lyrics come from a place of experience.

Stream ‘Insanity’ here!

Peyton Shay – ‘Aftertaste’

‘Aftertaste’ is the epitome of the angst that comes after a breakup. The anger, the sadness, it all comes in waves, and then there’s the realization that you’re better off. But that doesn’t mean you can’t mourn what you lost, and ‘Aftertaste’ comes at that stage. We have a feeling that we are going to be screaming these words way too loud.

Burning the good, the bad, and the memories” hit so hard.

Stream ‘Aftertaste’ here!

Laura Elliott – ‘Better Off Alone’

Laura Elliott has one of the softest, most beautiful voices we’ve ever heard. The softness lends itself so perfectly to ‘Better Off Alone,’ which feels like the perfect end-of-summer, beginning-of-fall song. It’s melancholy, and the lyrics hit deep while still being musically stunning – the perfect mix, if you will.

Stream ‘Better Off Alone’ here!

MYRNE – ‘What Can I Do’

We sure do have a treat for you this New Music Weekly! MYRNE put out his stunning debut with Astralwerks, ‘What Can I Do.’ And it’s a bop! We are seeing an influx in dance music, and it’s something we couldn’t be happier about. Songs like ‘What Can I Do’ make for the perfect backing track to us pretending we’re at a festival.

Stream ‘What Can I Do’ here!

Donna Missal – in the mirror, in the night

This entire EP is absolutely stunning, Donna Missal has outdone herself! From the songwriting, which is on a whole other level than we’ve ever seen from Donna to her angelic voice, all together, it’s a recipe for an incredible project. Our favorite track has to be the opener, ‘butterfly!’

Stream in the mirror, in the night here!

Them Fantasies – How Modest

Alt-pop meets funk? Say no more! We are sold!

Them Fantasies is it. Their entire How Modest EP has been on a constant loop, and we haven’t fallen so hard for a band off a first listen in so long! The lyrics on the EP are full of so much depth, particularly ‘Nice Guy,’ which we are so blown away by. The subject matter in the track is something we’ve heard very few men in the industry address, and it’s a breath of fresh air.

Stream How Modest here!

Vance Joy – ‘Don’t Fade’

Has Vance Joy ever missed? The clear answer here is no, he hasn’t. Every song dating back to ‘Snaggletooth’ has been a triumph. ‘Don’t Fade’ continues that streak so beautifully. We will be blasting this track to get us prepared for summer since it’s the perfect transition into one of our favorite times of the year. If this is what we have to look forward to from the next Vance Joy record, we can’t wait!

Stream ‘Don’t Fade’ here!

Ally Barron – ‘Read It and Weep’

‘Read It and Weep’ embodies the exact energy we are trying to keep! The track is all about moving on and relishing in self-love, what more could you want? When things in the world seem so dark, Ally Barron is coming out with a home run, making us realize it’s okay to let go of toxic people and fall in love with ourselves.

Stream ‘Read It and Weep’ here!

The Greeting Committee – ‘Sort of Stranger’ Ft. Briston Maroney

The Greeting Committee are no sort of strangers to New Music Weekly – we gush about them any chance we get! The music they are putting out is just on a whole other level, and ‘Sort of Stranger’ may just be one of our absolute favorites yet. The vocals on this track are absolutely out of this world, and what an incredible decision adding Briston Maroney was!

Stream ‘Sort of Stranger’ here!

Talia Stewart – ‘SUGAR’ Ft. Love You Later

Talia Stewart is twisting pop music in such a unique way on ‘SUGAR.’ From the use of the sounds reminiscent of an ice cream truck at the beginning of the track to the comparing ‘SUGAR’ to love, it’s all brilliant. Toxic relationships are something so many of us can relate to, so anytime we can hear someone put those feelings to words so effortlessly, we are beyond impressed.

Stream ‘SUGAR’ here!

Jenna Raine – see you later

We have all cried to ‘see you later (ten years),’ right? Just checking! This new version featuring JVKE just killed us even more. Jenna’s voice mixed with JVKE’s vocals was absolutely killer. We are beyond pumped that this new version was part of the see you later EP, which also features a new track, ‘2%.’

Stream see you later here!

Aidan Bissett – ‘Grocery Store Girl’

Think Wallows meets Bleachers, and you’ll have Aidan Bissett, and we are obsessed. ‘Grocery Store Girl’ is a smash! We have no doubt in our minds after listening to this track (and doing a deep dive into Aidan’s discography) that he is going to have a massive 2022. People this talented are meant to shine as bright as he does.

Stream ‘Grocery Store Girl’ here!

Laundry Day – We Switched Bodies

The album is finally here! After hearing ‘Did You Sleep Last Night?’ we were beyond excited to hear the entire We Switched Bodies project, and now we have ten songs to fall in love with! Laundry Day really is the alt band of our dreams! Every song on this record makes for the perfect cohesive project – our favorite tracks have to be ‘Did You Sleep Last Night?’ and ‘Worry About Yourself.’

Stream We Switched Bodies here!

Harper Finn – ‘Different Skies’

‘Different Skies’ might be one of our favorite tracks we’ve heard seemingly about long-distance relationships. In this age of the pandemic, they are becoming more and more relevant in our lives and having a song that so perfectly encapsulates the emotions of essentially being under ‘Different Skies’ is exactly what we needed. Harper Finn has all the makings to absolutely explode on the pop music scene, and we will be cheering him on all along the way!

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Stream ‘Different Skies’ here!

Theo Kandel – ‘Half as Cool’

A song about being in your twenties and having no clue what’s going on? Oh, you already know we will be playing this track at an astronomically loud volume screaming along with the words. Theo Kandel just gets us! ‘Half As Cool’ is this generation’s ‘I’m Just A Kid.’

Stream ‘Half as Cool’ here!

K.ZIA – Genesis

Be prepared – after just one listen to Genesis, you are going to be obsessed with K.ZIA. K.ZIA is putting her own twist on R&B music, and man, is it working! This entire record is front-to-back excellence. From ‘On The Low’ to our personal favorite track ‘Home,’ we just want to be driving around a city at night with this album blasting.

Stream Genesis here!

Will Joseph Cook – ‘Little Miss’

Will Joseph Cook is always blowing us away with what a unique artist he is. ‘Little Miss’ has come at just the right time, right in the season of love. We are always here for a track that sounds like the perfect spring/summer love song – it’s right up our alley!

Stream ‘Little Miss’ here!

Saleka – ‘One More Night’

Being a creative genius runs in the family, so of course, Saleka has blown us away with her latest single, ‘One More Night.’ The track was made for the Apple TV show Servant and fitted those vibes absolutely perfectly. The track is slowed down and features the most stunning vocals. Saleka is truly blessing us on this New Music Weekly.

Stream ‘One More Night’ here!

Dylan – ‘No Romeo’

‘No Romeo’ is a highlight from this entire year so far for us. Dylan is absolutely an artist that needs to be on every single one of your playlists. The message of this track, assuring someone in a relationship that they need to get out of that toxic place with a guy who is ‘No Romeo,’ is exactly what we needed to hear! Sometimes what you want to hear and what you need to hear don’t match up, and we are glad Dylan is keeping it real.

Stream ‘No Romeo’ here!

Jonah Kagen – ‘Drowning’

Jonah Kagen is helping us end this New Music Weekly on the highest note. His newest single, ‘Drowning,’ is going to be such a beautiful, intimate experience when we catch him on tour with our girl Maisie Peters! We can’t get enough of this track.

Stream ‘Drowning’ here!

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track from this week’s New Music Weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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