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Still Woozy Stopped By Boston On His If This Isn’t Nice Tour

Still Woozy Stopped By Boston On His If This Isn’t Nice Tour

Pay us no mind, we’ll be fine. We’re still recovering from an amazing concert put on by Wallice and Still Woozy in Boston last week. From Sven’s top-notch energy to one of the sweetest crowds, we were surrounded by the best energy all night long.

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Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

First, we need to mention the opening group, Wallice. With a sound that sticks around, the four band members had perfectly stood their own. Singing songs like ’23,’ ‘Hey Michael,’ and a few songs off their newest album dropping sometime soon, their sweet and spicy energy had left the crowd speechless. Most of the crowd had been there for both Wallice and Still Woozy, but it was refreshing to see the lyrics shouted right back at Wallice when she hovered the mic over the crowd.

Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

The energetic and addictive sound that Still Woozy creates carried over perfectly onto the stage. From the very beginning, Sven had given it his all, unique dance moves and all. With a killer set lined up, the crowd got to experience both a mix of older hits like ‘Goodie Bag’ and ‘Lava’ and newer songs off his latest and first album release, If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is. Also, we got to interview Still Woozy back in August. Read here for more backstage access about his first album!

If you haven’t heard any of Still Woozy’s tracks, you would guess just by his own color palette, his music would be bright, bubbly, and eccentric. Well, you’d be completely correct. The crew worked hard to present a dreamlike reality both on the screen and on the stage floor. From everything from plants to props, we got to feel far from home just for a little bit. Also, shoutout to the killer bassist who kept the crowd hyped up and had the best energy alongside Sven. 

still woozy tour
Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

If you get to snag a ticket or two to one of Sven and his crew’s shows, we highly recommend lining up early and pre-gaming with ‘Woof’ on repeat, possibly one of the best songs he performed live on the tour. Thank you to Still Woozy and Wallice for having us. We definitely can’t fathom how expansive and interactive the whole night had been.

Set List:

  1. ‘Window’
  2. ‘Rocky’
  3. ‘Get By’
  4. ‘Lava’
  5. ‘Wolfcat’
  6. ‘Woopie’
  7. ‘Woof’
  8. ‘Cooks’
  9. ‘Get Down’
  10. ‘Drake’
  11. ‘Lucy’ 
  12. ‘BS’
  13. ‘That’s Life’
  14. ‘Kenny’
  15. ‘Foolsong’ 
  16. ‘Habit’ (Encore)
  17. ‘WTF’ (Encore)
  18. ‘Goodie Bag’ (Encore)

Gallery Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey POP

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Have you ever seen Sven and the crew live? What’s your go-to release of Still Woozy’s? What’s your take on Crocs and socks? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPopFacebook, or Instagram!

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