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Legends Supporting Legends: 9 Famous One Direction Fans

Legends Supporting Legends: 9 Famous One Direction Fans

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Welcome to Legends Supporting Legends, a series that’s built for multi-stans to completely lose all sense of the word “chill” and bask in the glory of when their favorite artists support one another, leading to the best interactions ever and totally feeding our souls. When the famous British-Irish boyband One Direction was formed on The X Factor almost 12 years ago, they did not only win over all of our hearts here at The Honey POP but also those of many others in the field. These are nine of our favorite famous One Direction fans!

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Halsey has no shame in admitting she is a fan, tweeting, “Don’t ever let anyone make you feel shit for listening to boybands. Boybands are tight” back in 2015. She has been a fan of the boys since 2012, and in all honesty, that is longer than most of us. She loves them as people, she loves their music, she loves their everything, and when ‘Little Things’ first came out, she cried for 16 hours. And believe us, that is a mood. When did you become a Directioner? Let us know on @TheHoneyPOP.

Image Source: Halsey’s Official Twitter Account

The Cyrus Sisters

Both Miley and Noah Cyrus are big Directioners. In 2012, Noah asked Miley to try if the boyband could be at her birthday party, only to show up to Miley’s 23rd birthday in LA one year later, living all our dreams. Instead of seeing them on her birthday, Noah went to one of their shows during the Take Me Home tour. Like us, the sisters have the biggest crush on 1D-member Harry Styles. We, at The Honey POP, are manifesting a collab between the two or three.

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When asked if she was a One Direction fan, her answer was short but simple: “I am obsessed.” Elaborating, she shared she would love to have them on the sitcom Shake It Up. While that didn’t happen, she got to introduce One Direction at the 2015 American Music Awards, an honor not many people get in their life. Zendaya saying she would have loved to shine along with the boys, especially Harry Styles, got us thinking. Now that Harry is exploring the ins and outs of Hollywood, will we see them star together in an upcoming movie?

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Dixie D’Amelio

We know Dixie from her TikToks and music. We know One Direction from their music, and even though not as a band, members Liam Payne and Niall Horan have posted a few iconic TikToks. If you think that that is quite a big coincidence, well, it isn’t. Dixie and Liam teamed up during the pandemic to record their Christmas song ‘Naughty List,’ an absolute banger and one of our favorite Christmas Songs. So, where does Niall come into the picture? After posting one of the best TikToks we’ve ever seen, Niall grabbed his Twitter and asked Dixie and her sister for a shout-out. In a reaction, Dixie teased us with a collab we have been waiting on since. Did you know that The Honey POP has a TikTok account? Don’t forget to follow us!

Camila Cabello

Did you know that Camila tried out on The X Factor because of One Direction? We are not kidding, without 1D there would have been no Camila on the show and thus no Fifth Harmony. It is safe to say One Direction is not only her idol but also her big inspiration. And when she told us that she had a whole Twitter account dedicated to the boys, we once again got reminded that all Directioners are the same. 

Famous One Direction fans
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Ed Sheeran

Where do we even start? Ed has written multiple songs for the band, but in 2015 he stated he no longer felt the need to write for the band because he believed they had gotten too good at it themselves. If that isn’t the biggest compliment you can get from songwriter master Ed Sheeran, then what is? Ed has shared the stage with the boys multiple times and still supports them during their solo careers. He co-wrote Liam’s debut single ‘Strip That Down,’ was genuinely happy that Harry’s ‘Sign Of The Times’ succeeded ‘Shape Of You’s number one position, and loves Harry’s unreleased song ‘Anna.’ All in all, Ed is one of their biggest supporters. 

Joey King

In a TikTok video, Joey, the star of Netflix’s Kissing Booth, posted she can be seen jamming along to One Direction’s songs ‘They Don’t Know About Us’ and ‘Best Song Ever,’ two of One Direction’s best songs ever. And how lucky is Joey’s sister? Having Joey as a sibling and having a sibling that likes 1D is something we at The Honey POP wish we would have. Does your family like One Direction? Let us know in the comments!

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Famous One Direction fans
Image Source: Carlos Serrao & Monica May for Flaunt Magazine

Oliva Rodrigo

Olivia is living the life we all dreamed of. In an interview with CapitalFM, she admitted that she is a die-hard One Direction fan and even wrote fanfiction about Harry proposing to her. While that is a dream we all have, ‘Driver’s License,’ the song that raised her to fame, made her fanfiction life come through. Niall has reached out to her with advice and taught her everything she needs to know about the music industry. Her Directioner heart freaked out, of course. Now, all we can do is wait on (hopefully) a collab between the two.

Famous One Direction fans
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Do you want to talk to Liam or one of your other idols? Check our list with celebrity Discord servers here. Did we miss any of your favs supporting One Direction, or do you want to let us know what you think? Let us know in the comments or @TheHoneyPOP!

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