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Watch Sabrina Carpenter’s Latest Cinematic Video For ‘Fast Times’

Watch Sabrina Carpenter’s Latest Cinematic Video For ‘Fast Times’

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Sabrina Carpenter stunned her fans as she unveiled her scintillating single, ‘Fast Times,’ following the success of her previous smash hit, ‘Skinny Dipping.’ Get ready to immerse yourself in a fast-paced action-thriller experience while, on the contrary, the song scratches the surface, digs a little deeper, and touches the core.

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Sabrina Carpenter for Fast Times
Image Source: Island Records

Sabrina Carpenter is a multifaceted artist and fashionista with an extensive musical repertoire, including superhit singles and powerful anthems. She wowed her audience with the lead album single, ‘Skinny Dipping,’ which has caught on like wildfire, and fans have been eagerly awaiting her new music ever since. ‘Skinny Dipping’ was a follow-up to the widely acclaimed ‘Skin,’ which marked a massive milestone for the singer and cemented her place in the industry. 

Image Source: Sabrina Carpenter via Instagram

‘Fast Times’ is one of those songs that hooks you instantly and makes you feel captivated as you hum along with the lyrics. Co-written with legendary songwriters such as John Ryan, Julia Michaels, and J.P. Saxe, Sabrina Carpenter drew inspiration from her own life and experiences, as she does in her usual introspective songwriting. Unlike her last single, inclined to an acoustic approach, ‘Fast Times’ sparkles with her sultry, whispery vocals, with soaring pianos, basslines, and guitar strings humming the strings of our hearts. The song will melt you instantly and have you grooving in your head right after hitting the play button.

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Chasing the ‘Fast Times’

“Fast times and fast nights, yeah
No time for rewrites, we couldn’t help it

Outlines on bedsides, yeah
Give me a second to forget I ever really meant it”

Sabrina dived deep and captured her innermost experiences as she penned down the single, and the lyrics intriguingly speak through you. There is an emphasis on fast-paced living, and she distills her heart to illustrate how we act impulsively sometimes, without knowing the consequences beforehand. Still, it has a thrill since it feels worth the ride to see where it leads, slashing through uncertainties.

The lyric that stood out the most to us is, “But what the f*ck is patience?” In our modern, fast-paced lives where everyone strives to run faster than the clock ticks, the thing we miss the most is being patient and slowing down to appreciate the moment we’re living in now, rather than constantly thinking about the future. Sometimes, we don’t even process what’s happening around us or within us, and instead, we pick ourselves up again, let go of baggage to deal with our feelings, and move on. And later, it hits us, but then, there’s no going back there.

This song is a good reminder that life doesn’t have several takes or edits like a music video or a movie, and we don’t get any rewrites. So write the story of your life how you want it to be and learn to live it fully and unapologetically.

‘Fast Times’ will appear on Sabrina’s upcoming album, which is her most honest work to date, in which she completely bares herself to the world, her listeners, and herself. As an artist and a person, Sabrina has developed so much over the years, evident in her latest works. Her innate ability to write such captivating lyrics and lush, majestic melodies while keeping up with charting trends sets her apart. “Music finds you” is a guiding principle we hold dear, and the message of this song was what we needed to hear today, and we got it just in time.

Image Source: GIPHY

As a new era dawns, we are curious to see what she has in store. One thing is for sure: her new album will be raw and candid, so we are excited to hear about her next chapter. As this album boasts her captivating lyrics and enchanting vocals, we are sure that it will capture your heart.

Lights, Camera… And Music Video

Image Source: Sabrina Carpenter via Twitter

In contrast to the song glistening with a profound, meaningful message which sonically uplifts us instantly, the music video gives us great cinematic pleasure through its urbanized, action-packed visuals. The video opens like a retro classic 80s-90s action flick with a helicopter, motorbikes, and high-octane chase. It immediately pans out to Sabrina dressed in a trendy red jumpsuit, sitting on her red motorbike and carrying a briefcase, looking stylish as usual.

But wait, this is not over yet; the movie is about to begin. We witness Sabrina in a high-speed pursuit as she dodges and fights people attempting to steal her briefcase in true gangster fashion. The video cuts to sultry dance sequences in a warehouse where she gets nabbed. The video wraps with Sabrina devising her escape as she crosses a green laser maze, showing off her moves, and she steals the briefcase again.

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Wow, it was as if we had just watched an adrenaline-filled action-thriller film that had us glued to the screen with our jaws hanging. We are eagerly awaiting the next single by Sabrina as our expectations are getting higher. While we enjoyed the dramatic music video, it left us on a cliffhanger that might hint at a possible sequel video. It is your turn to figure out what this high-octane pursuit is about and what is inside that briefcase.

Image Source: GIPHY

What did you think of Sabrina’s latest performance on the new single ‘Fast Times’ and the movie-like music video for the song? Did you enjoy the imagery and experience thrills the same way we did?

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