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It’s Going Down Again With STAYC And ‘RUN2U’

It’s Going Down Again With STAYC And ‘RUN2U’

It’s only been a bit over a year since STAYC made their debut, but the mark they’ve had in the industry is already unquestionable. After taking the world by storm last year, STAYC is back with ‘RUN2U’ and their second mini-album, YOUNG-LUV.COM, to confirm to us all once again why they’re one of the fastest rising 4th gen girl groups – and that they’re not stopping any time soon. It feels short to say that this mini-album is simply another flawless release by STAYC. The theme of young love through all five songs, the vocals, the instrumentals, and everything about it already make this release unforgettable.

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This new title track really sets itself apart from STAYC’s previous title tracks! ‘RUN2U’ is still vibrant and bright, but it does feel more mature than any of their previous releases. Even though ‘So Bad,’ ‘ASAP,’ and ‘Stereotype‘ will always be on our playlists, ‘RUN2U’ does show a lot of growth in their style. It has a very pop melody like the STAYC releases we already know and love, but it includes very surprising, new, and refreshing elements that make the song truly unique – especially the chorus. It’s not only unlike anything they’ve released, but it’s unlike any other K-Pop song out there.

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And it’s still everything we love about STAYC: it’s bright, it’s fun, it’s carefree… It’s just an incredible pop song delivered with incredible vocals and unique production.


As we mentioned before, all the songs the YOUNG-LUV.COM go around one common theme indicated in the title of the album: young love. Yet, all the songs have different approaches and different influences sonically. It creates a varied but very unified mini-album.

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Overall, it’s a very chill and laid-back album that showcases their incredible vocals. ‘SAME SAME’ is the perfect example of it. It’s a cute soft song about required love whose third chorus doesn’t follow the same pattern as the previous chorus and lets way for mind-blowing ad-libs. ‘247’ is a little bit more upbeat, but it still feels very laid back and chill. It falls more into the pop side of things, while ‘BUTTERFLY’ is more inspired by jazz with its piano, lofi type of beat, and synth bass. The bridge of that song feels like it was simply made in heaven, as it strips back to the piano and you can hear their incredible vocals.

There is a reason why the album is named after ‘YOUNG LUV.’ If there’s one b-side to remember from YOUNG-LUV.COM, and even STAYC‘s entire discography, it’s this one. It feels taken out of a coming-of-age movie as it depicts in the lyrics, as well as in the melody, which perfectly captures the bittersweetness and complexity of being young and being in love. The intro alone will make you realize how this is absolute pop perfection.

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The closing track, ‘I WANT U BABY,’ is a happy note in the album. The vocals and the feeling of the song literally gives chills. It is that good. It feels more R&B than the previous songs, but it still follows this very chill vibe they have going on for this album.

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YOUNG-LUV.COM is an amazing depiction of young love and it highlights their talent even more. The album, as well as ‘RUN2U,’ really confirm STAYC as stable icons in this industry. They’re really not going anywhere. If anything, they’re just going to get better and better. And we’re here for it!

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