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Simple Plan Songs That Bring Us Right Back To The Days Of Teenage Angst

Simple Plan Songs That Bring Us Right Back To The Days Of Teenage Angst

When you have Simple Plan, and then have the addition of Deryck Whibley of Sum 41, you already know that track is going to be on repeat twenty-four seven – and that’s exactly how we’re feeling about ‘Ruin My Life.’ We are huge supporters of any collaborations that fuel our love for bands we’ve been fans of since we were kids. It just makes us so happy! One thing we’ve always loved about Simple Plan is how much their tracks have helped us deal with the angst we all feel as teens, they just get it.

In celebration of this new track, ‘Ruin My Life,’ we are going to go through five of our favorite Simple Plan tracks that still bring us right back to that place of angst.

Ruin My Life’ is a song about overcoming adversity, going through a difficult life situation, and not only surviving it, but becoming an even stronger and more resilient version of yourself because of it,” the band shares. “It’s fun, catchy, energetic and empowering and we’re so excited to share it with our fans. Having Deryck from Sum 41 sing on it with us makes it even more special!

Simple Plan on ‘Ruin My Life’

Stream ‘Ruin My Life’ here!

‘I’m Just A Kid’

Picture this, it’s 2003 you’re watching Cheaper By The Dozen (because of your huge crush on Tom Welling) and you hear ‘I’m Just A Kid,’ and really feel heard by music for one of the first times. Life really is a nightmare, but somehow this band just gets it. This would be a streak in their music, they always just seem to get it! Our discovery via Cheaper By The Dozen would be the first time we screamed the lyrics to a Simple Plan track, but certainly not the last.


Even now, in 2022, ‘Perfect’ is one of those tracks that is ever prevalent in our day-to-day. Angst aside, the track, when you read the lyrics, is such a deep admission of one’s flaws. As recent as last week, we had a solid sitting-on-the-bathroom-floor breakdown with this song playing. No, the situation wasn’t that serious. Yes, we are dramatic, let us live.

‘This Song Saved My Life’

This song genuinely chokes us up just thinking about the impact that music, in general, has had on our lives! Music really can save lives, and give you this outlet to let other people explain how you’re feeling in a way you never could, to be the background tracks to your best and worst moments. Every line in this track is reminding us of that impact! We can not even imagine the emotion in a room while ‘This Song Saved My Life’ is being played live.

‘Welcome To My Life’

Yes, we do feel like breaking down, yes, we do feel out of place. ‘Welcome To My Life’ really made us feel like the main character in a dramatic early 2000s movie about our lives. We love this track so much, and really do see it as a staple in our adolescence.


‘Crazy’ is one of the prime examples of Simple Plan calling out society, and understanding what it’s like being a young person growing up feeling like the entire world is against them. From calling out diet culture, to the way parents treat their children, to poverty, it’s an honest reflection of the things so many of us have genuinely struggled with.

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The moral of the story is we love Simple Plan and have turned to their music in so many dark times, they are some of the greatest to ever do it. Thank you for coming to our Ted Talk.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite Simple Plan song? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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