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6 Of Our Favorite BTOB Comebacks

6 Of Our Favorite BTOB Comebacks

BTOB has finally made a comeback with all six members! Everyone has now completed their mandatory military service, and we at THP couldn’t wait to welcome our faves back!

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Be Together is BTOB’s third studio album, featuring ‘The Song’ as the title track. ‘The Song’ embodies the message that BTOB wants to share with their fans who have waited for their return.

Just so you know, the group’s latest comeback has been well worth the wait! Be Together is an absolute masterpiece of an album. And BTOB has blessed all of our ears with such heartwarming and nostalgic ballads. It’s comforting to think about how much has and hasn’t changed since their debut.

BTOB comeback trailer photo
Left to right: Eunkwang, Hyunsik, Peniel, Minhyuk, Sungjae, Changsub (Image Source: CUBE Entertainment)

Since BTOB are nearing their 10th anniversary, we feel like taking a trip down memory lane and re-listening to their discography. Here are six of our favorite BTOB comebacks!

4U: Outside (2021)

4U: Outside was a special comeback in August 2021 with four members. It was BTOB’s second release without Sungjae and Hyunsik, as they were completing their military service. The EP features a total of six tracks, with ‘Outsider’ as the lead single. It’s an upbeat track about being yourself, even if it means being an outsider. Don’t try to act like everyone else, and don’t be afraid of being different!

This Is Us (2018)

BTOB’s eleventh mini-album, This Is Us, was released in June 2018, and it was one of their last group comebacks before the members started enlisting in the military. It contains seven songs, all of which were chosen by BTOB themselves. The title track ‘Only One For Me’ is a sweet song about a cool yet earnest confession of love. The members also all contributed to the composition and writing of the album, making this BTOB comeback even more memorable!

New Men (2016)

One of our favorite BTOB comebacks is their ninth EP, New Men, released in November 2016. It was their first comeback with a dance title track instead of a ballad in over two years! We’ll always be in awe of BTOB’s vocals, but their vocals in ‘Pray (I’ll Be Your Man)’ just hit differently. And their rap line is insane! BTOB are living K-Pop legends at this point.

Beep Beep (2014)

We refuse to believe that this iconic BTOB comeback was eight years ago. Beep Beep was the group’s fourth EP, released in February 2014. The lead single ‘Beep Beep’ is a wonderful mix of hip hop and pop that can easily get stuck in your head! And the whole EP has a diverse range of music styles that BTOB can pull off so easily, from ballads to rock songs.

Thriller (2013)

BTOB’s third mini-album Thriller was released in September 2013, and it features six songs with a title track of the same name. ‘Thriller’ is an intense and dynamic song about a knight who has come back to life to save their princess. We have been obsessed with the music video concept for this banger since it was first released. And we can honestly say our opinion hasn’t changed!

Press Play (2012)

Press Play was BTOB’s first comeback and second EP, released in September 2012. The lead single ‘Wow’ may be considered an oldie, but it’s still such a goodie. BTOB sings about making the first move on someone at a party and dancing and having fun. And we’d party with BTOB any day. It has an upbeat, swing-style vibe that’s timeless in our books!

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Our kings BTOB killed their comeback with Be Together. We’re so happy to see the six of them together again, and we can’t wait to see what they do in this new era of their career!

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