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5 Suran Songs To Add To Your Playlist

5 Suran Songs To Add To Your Playlist

Singer-songwriter Suran returns with her latest single, ‘Devils In The City,’ and we at THP are in awe! Our R&B queen teams up with rapper Dok2 for a smooth and mysterious song, sung entirely in English!

Listen to it on your favorite platforms here!

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‘Devils In The City’ is Suran’s third single release since she started her independent label, S-TASY, in 2021. She sings about how anyone can become a devil in this world, with lyrics that were inspired by her personal experiences. It’s a hard-hitting topic, and her song and visualizer address it beautifully.

Suran’s music and collaborations never disappoint, and we’ll definitely be adding this to our late-night vibes playlist. Here are five other Suran songs you need in your playlist!


Suran gives us vocals and visuals for her 2021 single ‘Sunny!’ She sings about being in the present with her partner without worries. You don’t want to think about the bad times, and you believe in your love enough to stay. ‘Sunny’ belongs in your morning jams playlist, so you can start your day feeling hopeful and mellow.


With a track as dreamy as ever, ‘OJB’ makes us feel nostalgic about past relationships and friendships. ‘OJB’ comes from Suran’s second EP Jumpin’, released in March 2019. The lyrics are about running into someone from the past in your dreams and coming to terms with the ways things ended. Depending on your mood, you can get in your feels or look to new beginnings with this song!

‘Love Story’ Feat. Crush

Suran stays blessing us with her sweet and unique vocals! Her 2017 single ‘Love Story’ featuring Crush is one of the most romantic songs we’ve ever heard! The soft melody with the piano in the background mixes with Suran’s and Crush’s vocals perfectly. We just want to sit and daydream about this song.

‘Wine’ Feat. Changmo

This list (and your playlist) wouldn’t be complete without Suran’s ‘Wine,’ featuring Changmo and produced by none other than BTS’ Suga! ‘Wine’ is the first single from Suran’s debut EP Walkin’, released in June 2017. It’s the perfect hip-hop and R&B song to vibe to in the car or in your room. Have a snack, a drink, and relax to one of our favorite Suran songs!

‘Paradise Go’

For those of us eagerly waiting for some warmer weather, Suran’s 2016 single ‘Paradise Go’ has all the fun summer vibes you need! This track has an addictive instrumental, an aesthetic music video, and Suran’s signature angelic vocals, of course! Our paradise is wherever we can listen to our queen Suran.

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We think Suran is an underrated solo artist who releases nothing but hits. And her latest single, ‘Devils In The City,’ proves it! We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us this year!

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Image Source: S-TASY

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