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10 New Collabs We’ll Have On Repeat For The Rest Of February

10 New Collabs We’ll Have On Repeat For The Rest Of February

You already know we at THP love a good collab, and February really delivered! 2022 might be moving fast, but our favorite stars are moving even faster to give us some of their best work to date. And luckily, that includes some high-profile collabs you need on your radar. Let’s dive right in and look at 10 songs you need in your rotation ASAP!

Steve Aoki And grandson – ‘KULT’ Feat. Jasiah

Steve Aoki, grandson, and Jasiah are the trio we never knew we needed. ‘KULT’ is such a cool alt track that bridges genres like electronic and pop-punk in an impressively effortless way. It’s no question why all three artists have a cult following – they’re some of the most innovative acts out there, and they’re just getting started. So join the ‘KULT’ and add their music to your rotation! If you don’t listen to them already, this is the perfect opportunity to start following all three of these incredible artists.

‘KULT’ is the first taste from my upcoming album and showcases some of the new and old sounds that have recently inspired me. grandson and Jasiah have both been killing it recently, so I was excited to get them together on a track. The energy and lyrics capture a certain kind of feeling that will shake you to your core and possibly even persuade you to join the KULT.

Steve Aoki

DIAMANTE – ‘American Dream’ Feat. Lit

Two of the most exciting voices in rock team up on this reimagining of DIAMANTE’s already-incredible track ‘American Dream!’ A celebration of all-American romance, the song flips the usual Americana imagery like the “red, white, and blue” into a more modern rager that captures the excitement and electric energy of a passionate romance. Simply put, this track is an American dream. Nothing but respect for our national anthem.

To me, Lit exudes that American rock n’ roll spirit, so I couldn’t think of any better band to feature on this new take of my song ‘American Dream’! I’m really honored they said yes to being a part of this, and I love that they made this version completely their own, down to the detail that the song was recorded in Nashville.


Anitta & Justin Quiles – ‘Envolver’

If you’ve ever heard an Anitta or Justin Quiles song, you know just how addictive their music can be. So imagine the combined power if they teamed up on a track… Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine anymore! The two finally joined forces on a remix of Anitta’s ‘Envolver’ and we can’t get enough. Between the melodies, the sleek production, and the powerful reggaeton beat, ‘Envolver’ is the party anthem we never knew we needed. You’ll understand why we’re so obsessed with it as soon as you hit play.

Keith Robinson – ‘Black Boy Joy’ Feat. E.D.I Mean

Just in time to celebrate Black History Month, Keith Robinson and E.D.I Mean team up for this moving track about what it means to be a Black man in the modern era. The two touch on urgent topics like racism and violence while also giving the track an optimistic message as they encourage fans of color to push past bigotry and mold a future they’re passionate about. We love how they balance the heavier subjects with hope and ambition!

This is my ode of encouragement to every black and brown king with dreams and aspirations, and reminding them that they can reach and achieve every dream possible. I want us to continue to be uplifted by one another.

Keith Robinson

Goya Menor & Nektunez – ‘Amendo Amapiano (You Wanna Bamba)’

‘Amendo Amapiano’ is a full-on party condensed into three minutes and fifteen seconds! Between the addictive beat and the powerful vocals, we’ve had it on repeat since its release. Goya Menor and Nektunez make such a powerful pairing and we need more from them in the future – maybe a collab album? We’d never say no, and we gotta admit we do “wanna bamba” thanks to this anthem.

Lucky Daye – ‘NWA’ Feat. Lil Durk

Hip-hop fans, we have just the track for you! With references to the legendary rap group NWA, the soccer (or football, depending who you ask) video game FIFA, zodiac signs, and even zebras, ‘NWA’ is one of the sleekest songs we’ve heard in recent memory… or maybe ever. Lucky Daye and Lil Durk are a duo for the books and they both get to show their talent on this vibey track. It’ll definitely be all over our summer playlists! 

Regard And Years & Years – ‘Hallucination’

Between the two acts, Regard and Years & Years have collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, including Tate McRae, Troye Sivan, Galantis, and Kylie Minogue. So it only makes sense that they join forces for one of our favorite songs of the year so far! Regard’s sleek, bouncy production takes ‘Hallucination’ from being a post-breakup callout to a dancefloor anthem you won’t be able to get out of your head. And trust us, you won’t want to get it out of your head.

[apple_music_ad artist=”Years & Years”]

I wrote ‘Hallucination’ with Joel Little back in 2019, I was inspired to write it when an ex-lover attempted to re-enter my life. Part of me wanted to rekindle the romance, but too much had changed and I was left feeling really confused. If I looked at the situation a certain way, the whole thing seemed fake, like it was all just one big illusion. You know after the dust settles and you’re like, was any of that real? That’s what inspired me to write the track, I don’t see it as an anti-love song, it’s more just a feeling I wanted to express.

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Olly Alexander of Years & Years

JP Cooper – ‘Need You Tonight’ Feat. RAY BLK

The closing track on JP Cooper’s stunning new album, SHE, is the bittersweet ‘Need You Tonight,’ which sees JP and RAY BLK running into an ex on a night out. We’re obsessed with the lyric “I promise not to step on your shoes” when JP proposes dancing together – while it obviously describes dancing, it’s a clever play on the saying “step on your toes” to show that he wants to make things right and avoid upsetting her again. Their vocals sound absolutely beautiful, and while ‘Need You Tonight’ came out in January, the release of SHE made us fall in love with the song all over again.

BROODS – ‘I Keep’ Feat. Tove Lo

Another album collab we can’t get enough of is BROODS’ ‘I Keep,’ which recruits Tove Lo for a kaleidoscopic anthem about nightlife and unhealthy romances. We could only imagine what incredible club mixes we’d get with this song if COVID weren’t sabotaging our nights out! The beat will get you dancing while the bold chorus will be playing in your head for days on end. 

‘I Keep’ came together from afar and I think it’s so beautiful and dreamy. Georgia called me and said ‘I wrote this story about a moth and how it’s drawn to something that will eventually kill it… do you wanna write a verse about that?’ I did. I love that it’s part of ‘Space Island,’ the perfect place to escape to. Just like our hangs. It’s an oasis of love and peace.

Tove Lo

 Wrabel & Duncan Laurence – ‘back to back’ (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)

We already adored Wrabel and Duncan Laurence’s ‘back to back,’ but the Japanese Wallpaper remix takes our love to a whole new level. The lyrics are vulnerable and tender, but the synth-driven production makes it less existential and more danceable. So now we have the original for quiet, reflective afternoons and the remix for fun nights with friends! Everyone say thank you to Wrabel, Duncan, and Japanese Wallpaper.

Which of these collabs is your favorite? Did you add any to your playlists? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more new releases you need to check out, click here

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