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23 Lyrics By Alexander 23 That Hit Us Right In The Feels

23 Lyrics By Alexander 23 That Hit Us Right In The Feels

It is no doubt Alexander 23 is a talented lyricist. He’s even co-written popular songs with some of our faves, such as Olivia Rodrigo, Noah Kahan, and Jeremy Zucker. Not to mention his own hits! With such talent flowing through our playlists, there are a couple of lyrics that hit us particularly hard. So join us as we reminisce on some of our favorite lyrics he’s blessed us with to date!

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Image Source: Cora Reed for The Honey POP

1.I wonder if your therapist likes me, I guess it depends on how much of the truth you tell to her.”

Sometimes we wonder how many people’s therapists know our names. Hopefully in a good way? Depends on what they tell the therapist. And Alexander 23 knows the feeling.
Track: ‘Hate Me If It Helps

2. “Oh, what’s the point in dressing up to be let down?”

Alexander calls. us. out. in his track ‘Cry Over Boys.’ No matter who you cry over, being let down after getting your hopes up is something we can all relate to.
Track: ‘Cry Over Boys’

3. “I’m not crazy, it’s normal to cry in the Target parking lot.”

Okay. Who stalked our weekly Target trip? We’re not mad, we’re just hoping you didn’t catch the absurd amounts of stuff we bought that we did not go in for. Retail therapy, anyone?
Track: ‘Come Here and Leave Me Alone’

Image Source: Cora Reed for The Honey POP

4.Yeah, lately it’s been hard, They’re selling me for parts”

Life can feel like it’s pulling us into pieces sometimes, and Alexander captures that feeling perfectly in this lyric. We sell different pieces to different people hoping something sticks. But in the end, we are the best at putting ourselves together.
Track: ‘IDK You Yet’

5. “I hate that I love you so much”

Sometimes love comes in people we least expect and Alexander 23 captures that perfectly in this lyric. It’s giving our favorite trope, enemies-to-lovers, in the best way!
Track: ‘I Hate You So Much’

6. “I’m just a Band-Aid on a broken heart”

Band-Aids can help with lots of things, but broken hearts aren’t particularly their specialty. It’s hard to help the people we love most if they can’t love themselves. Alexander 23 tackles that in this lyric, giving us the perspective of a lover just trying to help. It’s an interesting view from this side and we heavily relate.
Track: ‘Sad’

Image Source: Cora Reed for The Honey POP

7. “Sometimes the only way to get over hurt is to hurt”

Ouch. Breakups can be messy and Alexander 23 shows us how to get through it in this line. While it’s probably not the advice we want most, it can be helpful in the long run. Just gotta ride that wave to the other side!
Track: ‘See You Later’

8. “I hope that people are sad when I die”

A line we can all relate to. While we don’t want people in despair forever, a little bit of sadness means we meant something. A little dark, but we were all thinking it and Alexander 23 just said it for us.
Track: ‘When I Die’

9.” I’d much rather pretend that maybe we’re still okay”

See what we did there? Track 9? At number 9? Okay, we’ll leave.
Track: ‘Track 9

10. “Bed bugs only bite the lonely, baby, I’ve got scars from wishing you could hold me”

Our English teacher was always going on about metaphors and we finally get it now. The imagery Alexander draws up in this metaphor is pretty freaking genius!
Track: ‘Another Summer Night Without You

11. “I don’t know who I’m more scared of, who I was or who I have become”

Change can be scary, but past versions of ourselves can be just as scary. Don’t even mention middle school us. Shudder.
Track: ‘The Internet’

Image Source: Cora Reed for The Honey POP

12. “And, yeah, it rains a lot, but the rainbows make it worth it”

If everything was sunshine and rainbows, we wouldn’t know what was really good. We have to have the bad times to balance out the good, to make us thankful for when we have the good times. Alexander 23 captures his appreciation for the good times in this lyric.
Track: ’20 Something’

13. “Oh, where do you go when nobody knows where you are?”

Whether you have a safe space in your mind or in real life, everyone should have one. And also give the location of it to Alexander 23 ASAP. He’s looking for it. Maybe he wants one of his own?
Track: ‘Brainstorm’

14. “All my friends are usernames and passwords that light up my screen, but afterwards I’m right back in the dark”

In the wonderful world of the internet, we at The Honey POP have mastered the art of online friends. But it’s important to have some balance. We can’t thrive on internet friends alone. It’s important to have people you can turn to when the screen powers down, and Alexander 23 reminds us of that in this line.
Track: ‘The Internet’

15. “If walls could talk, they woulda warned us”

Sometimes you look back on a person you had in your life and wish they had never been there in the first place. Alexander 23 takes to metaphors to imply his feelings. If the walls around you and your person could talk, they might have stopped some of the pain before it got this far.
Track: ‘If Walls Could Talk’

16. “How can you miss someone you’ve never met?”

Sometimes we know we haven’t met who we’re looking for, but we miss them all the same. It’s not an easy feeling to describe, but Alexander 23 got it down pretty dang good. Maybe we should invent a word for this? I pre-miss you? Uh… we’ll work on it.
Track: ‘IDK You Yet’

Image Source: Cora Reed for The Honey POP

17. “Sometimes, I wish you would’ve stayed in my dreams, ‘Cause now that you’re real, now I could lose you”

Oof. Right to the heart. Once we have what we’re looking for, the fear of losing them reigns supreme. Maybe it’s time for us to grab a hot tea and relax a bit. While those feelings are valid, we can’t let them rule us!
Track: ‘Lucky’

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18. “Because you were my very first love, and I thought you’d be my last”

Ah, High-school love. Our first love feels like it’ll last forever, and for some of us, it does! But Alexander 23 laments with those who don’t end up so lucky and we relate.
Track: High School

19. “You can’t get lost on your way to nowhere”

This line actually serves to comfort us a bit. There’s no set ending to our life. So, if you “get lost,” maybe you are just forming a new ending. No way to get lost then! Track: ‘Hate Me If It Helps’

Image Source: Cora Reed for The Honey POP

20. “Cause you could say ‘I’m sorry’ in English, Spanish, and French, Still, I’d never wanna see you again”

For some of us, we have a person (or multiple) that no matter how or when they apologize, it won’t be enough. Alexander 23 relays that beautifully in this line. “I’m sorry,” “lo siento,” or “désolé” won’t be doing the trick this time.
Track: ‘Good to See You Again!’

21. “How bad’s the weather in your head?”

Alexander 23 loves his metaphors. This one helps relieve some of the (unwarranted) stigma about talking about mental health. Comparing your mental health to the weather can be a helpful way to get your feelings across. We might just be stealing and using this one.
Track: ‘Brainstorm’

22: “But I’ve only got half a heart to give to you”

Sometimes post-heartbreak, it can feel like we only have half a heart left. But the half we have left? We wanna give it to you, if you’ll have it.
Track: ‘IDK You Yet’

23. “You can tell ’em I’m the bad guy if it helps you sleep okay”

Sometimes ex-friends or lovers like to place all the blame on us. And we still love them enough to let them think that. Alexander 23 vocalizes this perfectly. If you’re looking for an even more heartbreaking way to digest these lyrics, Alexander 23 recently released the live piano version of ‘Hate Me If It Helps’ and we’re kinda obsessed!
Track: ‘Hate Me If It Helps’

What? 23 Already? That was fast. Which lyric hits you the hardest? Share any of your favorite lyrics we missed in the comments section below! Or take it to socials by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also get the latest pop culture news and inside scoop by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

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