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‘The Heart Is a Muscle’ And Ours Is Beating For Gang Of Youths New Album

‘The Heart Is a Muscle’ And Ours Is Beating For Gang Of Youths New Album

Since speaking with them last summer, Gang of Youths has been hard at work in the studio curating their new album angel in realtime, and the excitement has been real! They’d been teasing fans with singles for a while now, including their newest single, ‘spirit boy’ which dropped on Tuesday and stirred the pot for a wonderful album release. Well, it just dropped, we’re screaming, and it’s currently filling the air at THP HQ!

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Image Source: Gang of Youths Via Twitter

They first started teasing us with their single ‘the angel of 8th ave’ which was a far cry from the music style they had left us with in 2017. While the typical Gang Of Youths rock sound is still there, they brought in new layers with electronica and minimalism to boot, leaving us a delicious new vibe to obsess over. Post ‘angel of 8th ave’ we received total serene, an EP that got us up and dancing just as much as it got us inwardly reflecting. They finished off their single drops with ‘the man himself,’ tend the garden,’ and ‘in the wake of your leave,’ and didn’t even give us a sec to breathe before absolutely finishing us off with their newest single ‘spirit boy.’

The Making Of angel in realtime

Gang of youths are always bringing their all and incorporating new ideas into the music world. They essentially went on a world tour to record this album. The newest single ‘spirit boy’ features Shane McLean, a musician specializing in Taonga Pūoro (the traditional instrumentation and music culture of the Māori people) and contributes spoken word. They then traveled to Aotearoa to record with Pasifika and Māori instrumentalists, the Anuanua Drummers from the Cook Islands, and the Auckland Gospel Choir. Hobden and Le’aupepe then traveled to Budapest, to record a 42-piece string section that ties the whole album together. All combined into an unforgettable record that spans over almost seven countries in origin. Talk about a group project!

Image Source: Gang of Youths Via Twitter

The band, composed of multi-faceted members Dave Le’aupepe, Jung Kim, Tom Hobden, Max Dunn, and Donnie Borzestowski, self-produced the entire album themselves. You can definitely sense the personal touch in each of the singles we’ve heard so far. They rented out an abandoned warehouse in London and got to work, coming out of it with an unforgettable musical masterpiece. Gang of Youths is no stranger to the personal touch. Each song and album they’ve released in the past has been infused with just as much love and care. Their third album, Go Farther In Lightness has been a resident on our playlists for years, with a compelling mix of emotional violin and hard rock drums. Truly a band of many tricks, we can never expect what they will do next.

Image Source: Gang of Youths Via Twitter

Get Ready To Open Your Wallets

Gang Of Youths fully plans to deliver angel in realtime to us in well… real-time! North America is set to enjoy a nationwide tour that kicks off in April. Tickets are on sale now and you can snag yours here! We at The Honey POP have already snatched ours, and are excitedly planning our outfits! Speaking of outfits, along with a tour, Gang Of Youths knows their audience and they know what we want – and we want merch! With limited edition vinyls, hoodies, and beanies, there’s a merch drop for every type of fan. Get yours, and of course, get your hands on angel in realtime!

If you need us we will just be looping angel in realtime in a blanket pile somewhere or driving with it, windows down style. Are we okay? No, thank you for asking. We’re having a moment with this incredible new album, and will be back in 4-6 business days! Big thanks to Gang Of Youths for totally revolutionizing our playlists, and making a splash in the music world. Come freak out with us on Twitter at @TheHoneyPOP. Live tweet, scream, or just come vibe 🙂

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