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Welcome To The Strange World Of Billlie

Welcome To The Strange World Of Billlie


As the search for Billlie continues, we find ourselves in a very strange world with the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one.

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They’re back and with another hit! Being just a four-month-old group, Billlie has taken the K-POP world by storm as they continue to find more clues of where Billlie is while also making a name for themselves in this album.

We all know how catchy and fun ‘RING X RING’ was, but in our opinion, we think ‘GingaMingaYo (the strange world)’ has taken the crown for their catchiest song. Its title track not only has an addicting beat, but its choreo is high energy. The choreo for the “can’t complain” part in the track is very addicting, and we find ourselves doing the hand movement every time we listen to it. Our fave part is probably at the 3:10 mark with the anti-drop. It’s so good!

Gif Source: Tenor

In the title track, we also find Billlie falling deeper into the mystery of Billlie. The lore of it all, though only months old, is fascinating. But to keep it short, Billlie (the group) is looking for Billlie (their friend), who has gone missing, and so in the MV/track, they find themselves pulled into this bizarre world. And though the track gives Belllie’ves (the fans) hints as to where and what happened to Billlie, the MV pulls it all together… showing us what Billlie is? Honestly, you just need to check it out yourself. Even if you don’t know the lore, it’s something you should listen to.

We can’t talk about Billlie without talking about their B-tracks. ‘a sign ~ anonymous,’ ‘overlap (1/1),’ ‘Moon palace,’ and ‘believe’ can all 100% stand on their own, but it wouldn’t be a Billlie project if they did. Every single track goes hand in hand with figuring out the whole Billlie situation and getting a first-hand experience at unraveling the clues. Each track’s lyrics are similar in the way of being unsure of oneself and not knowing where to go next, except towards Billlie. But, don’t get us wrong, the tracks are also fun to listen to on their own. Even though it gave us more questions than answers, our favorite B-side probably has to be ‘Moon palace’ because of its whimsical music box backtrack.

Image Source: Mystic Story

There is really no way not to fall in love with Billlie. Not only are they talented, but they’re also just starting up, so you won’t be too far behind on the storyline they are producing with each project. So our question still stands: what happened to Billlie? What was the creepy bunny thing at the end of the ‘GingaMingaYo’ MV? Only time will tell – hey, maybe we might even have to break down the Billlie lore.

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So Belllie’ve, what do you think about the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one? What do you think this project has revealed about Billlie? We would love to hear any theories you may have, and which track you loved most, in the comments down below, on our Twitter @thehoneypop, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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