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7 Ten Dances That Won’t Leave Our Heads

7 Ten Dances That Won’t Leave Our Heads

NCTZens, WayZenNi, SuperM stans! Welcome back to another article where we gush about one of our favorite NCT members. Are you tired of us spreading all the love yet? No? Good, because we do not plan on stopping any time soon! We are obsessed with anything NCT and they are masters at everything they do and touch. Besides having bomb music, variety skills, and vocals, NCT also has amazing dancers among them.

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One of our absolutely favorite dancers of NCT has to be Ten. Ten is a member of WayV, SuperM, and also participates in NCT U releases. But Ten has also gone down the road of a solo artist and has dropped some bangers himself. Besides being an amazing singer and making bops though, Ten knows how to use his body and his dance routines end up living in our heads rent-free. So join us while we count down our favorite seven dances that we just can’t stop thinking about.

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‘Coco Chanel’

The NCT Dance YouTube channel is a gift that keeps on giving and some of these gifts came in the form of Ten absolutely blowing our minds with his dancing and choreographies. His choreo for Nicki Minaj’s ‘Coco Chanel’ has been with us for three years and we still can’t seem to move on from it.

Hit The Stage ‘The Devil’

We were pretty close to just including every single one of Ten’s Hit The Stage performances but this ‘The Devil’ one is still, after so many long years, the one that is stuck in our minds forever. Have we rewatched this performance more than thirty times? You bet, but can you really blame us? Have you seen this man?!

‘Taki Taki’

NCT Dance strikes again with this absolute hit by DJ Snake. Ten has such a unique way to move his body and absolutely transports us to a whole other dimension with his dancing. We could watch the dance practices of these covers forever and never get tired of them. Yes, this is us saying we want to see NCT Ten Choreography make a comeback asap!

Rainbow V ‘lovely’

We will never let an opportunity pass of us including this amazing choreography video in any list we do about Ten. Rainbow V was a special collab by WayV members teaming up in units to bring fans something we hadn’t seen from them before. This video of Ten together with WinWin for Billie Elish’s ‘lovely’ is one of the most amazing things we have ever seen. Those dance lines? Impeccable. The views of this video do all the talking, to be honest.

‘Dream In A Dream’

Oh wow, it has been a minute since we got this masterpiece! ‘Dream In A Dream’ was Ten’s first solo song and it is mostly performance-focused but still a bop. We could have included the music video for this gem but the dance practice really shows us all of Ten’s absolutely amazing dancing skills. No one can stir our hearts like this boy does when he dances!

‘Need To Know’

Oh, we never knew we needed this team up and this choreography to this Doja Cat song! Ten knows exactly what he is doing here and Badalee knows just as well. This choreography has been absolutely haunting us in the best way possible and we hope we get to see more of these types of collaborations from Ten! They are pure magic.

‘New Heroes’ X ‘Paint Me Naked’

Ten’s discography is slowly but surely growing and both of these songs – ‘New Heroes’ and ‘Paint Me Naked’ – have aged like fine wine. Good thing they are both bangers with the signature Ten choreography to go along with them to save every single one of our days! When Ten showed up to Street Dance of China S4 back in 2021 with this mashup we absolutely lost it! King! Show them all you’ve got Ten!

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Of course, there are many more Ten dances we could have included in this list but we will stop now before we lose our minds even more! What’s your favorite Ten dance moment? What’s your favorite Ten solo song? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

Need more NCT content? We lived in NEO City for four years, that’s why we’re here, man!



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