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Big Time Rush Is Touring ‘Worldwide,’ ‘All Over Again!’

Big Time Rush Is Touring ‘Worldwide,’ ‘All Over Again!’

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The Boys Are Back!

So, we had the two reunion shows in December of 2021, and now we’re in for more! Big Time Rush knew that we were all ready to hear their new single in person. BTW, if you haven’t listened to Call It Like I See It yet, we highly suggest you do.

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 ‘If I Ruled the World’ was on our summer playlists in 2011, so we’re stoked that the guys are making another appearance over a decade later. The boys are back for more, and we’re ready to ‘Run Wild’ and dance ‘Like Nobody’s Around.’


‘Picture This’

Almost ten years later, our boys are hitting the road again for their Forever Tour, which is set to kick off in the Summer of this year! Making their way to some iconic venues throughout the country, the band will be accompanied by a special guest for the majority of the shows. That’s right! Dixie D’Amelio will be joining Big Time Rush on the road! Check out the official tour poster to see if she’s going to be performing at a BTR show near you. 

The ‘City Is Ours!’

Ready to live it big time? Tickets will officially be on sale to the general public at 11 am local time on Friday, February 25th, so don’t miss out! BTW, we’re secretly hoping they still do the dance breakdown for ‘Love Me Love Me’ too.

Not only are we getting a new tour, but new music and a relationship service as well? Boy, have we missed their acting and skits since the show ended. Check out Big Time Rush’s tour announcement, which features some new music as well!

That’s A Wrap!

So, here’s the lowdown for the Rushers out there. We’re getting a new track, ‘Not Giving You Up,’ which is available for pre-sale right now, so go ahead and save that! The official song and video will be available on Friday, February 25th as well, so we’ve got a big day ahead of us! 

We’re so excited to check out the new music and see what hints it may give us for more music and a new album! 2022 is a year for reunions, and we’re all here for it. Who are you excited to see next? 

Where are we going to catch you during the tour? Will you be singing at the top of your lungs with us? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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