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Get Ready For WHO CARES? With These Five Rex Orange County Songs

Get Ready For WHO CARES? With These Five Rex Orange County Songs

English singer-songwriter Alexander O’Connor began making music at 15 with a guitar and Apple’s Logic software. Known to the world as Rex Orange County, O’Connor is making waves in the alternative music scene and gaining international recognition.

In 2015, O’Connor self-released his debut album, Bcos U Will Never Be Free, on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. The project caught the attention of fellow English songwriter Two Inch Punch, which led to the two collaborating on O’Connor’s singles ‘UNO,’ ‘Best Friend,’ and ‘Untitled.’ The project also caught the attention of Tyler, the Creator, landing O’Connor two features on the rapper’s Grammy-nominated album Flower Boy.

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Since then, Rex Orange County has risen to international recognition, releasing two more albums: Apricot Princess (2017) and Pony (2019). He’s even released a live EP, Live at Radio City Music Hall, from his sold-out shows at the iconic venue! O’Connor is gearing up to release his fourth album, WHO CARES? on March 11th, and plans to tour in North America and UK/Ireland starting in May

If you haven’t heard of Rex Orange County, don’t worry! The Honey POP has you covered. Here are five essential Rex Orange County songs to check out as we wait for WHO CARES?


The latest taste of what’s to come from WHO CARES? is an ode to falling in love. Rex Orange County pairs his signature bedroom-pop style with orchestral strings. ‘Amazing’ shares the unexpected nature of falling in love with lyrics like, “There’s no way to time it/ And where you may find it/ Is unknown. In addition, O’Connor dedicates this sweet track to lovers, and we can’t help but agree.


If you think you haven’t heard of Rex Orange County, you may want to think again. ‘Sunflower,’ which was released as a stand-alone single, is one of O’Connor’s most popular songs. The song uses jazz elements, such as horns and saxophone melodies, embedded with guitar riffs. This combination of elements complements the song’s message, allowing O’Connor to express his infatuation for a girl, using the sunflower as a metaphor for her beauty and delicacy.

‘Loving is Easy’ feat. Benny Sings

This collaboration with Benny Sings, whom Rex Orange County reunites with as a collaborator on WHO CARES?, brings all the warm and fuzzy feelings of love. ‘Loving is Easy’ is filled with a fun piano melody paired with a simple drum pattern, giving the track a retro vibe. It’s safe to say that this track feels like a warm hug from the person you love – loving it is easy! You can also find this song on the season two soundtrack of Ted Lasso.

‘Know Love’

This synth-jazz track off Rex Orange County’s debut album, Bcos U Will Never Be Free, gives listeners a laid-back vibe from the simple drumbeats. ‘Know Love’ is about understanding love, wondering when everything will click, and wanting to experience that feeling. The song sets the tone for the type of music Rex Orange County would later release.

‘Television / So Far So Good’

This track from Apricot Princess is different from Rex Orange County’s discography, but still holds his signature musical qualities. ‘Television / So Far So Good’ crosses over into a punk-rock vibe with heavy bass riffs and drums with soft synth beats in the background. Through this track, O’Connor describes the complications of relationships and confesses to the person he is infatuated with. 

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If you enjoy these songs, make sure to check out the rest of Rex Orange County’s discography, especially his upcoming album WHO CARES? on all streaming platforms starting March 11th. Make sure also to check out Rex Orange County on The WHO CARES? Tour this summer to catch some of these songs live! 

Let us know which Rex Orange County song is your favorite by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop. For more exciting updates on pop culture news, be sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

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