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Here’s Why Kehlani’s ‘little story’ Has Us Hyped For blue water road

Here’s Why Kehlani’s ‘little story’ Has Us Hyped For blue water road

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Kehlani is back with a new single, ‘little story,’ leading up to her next full-length album, blue water road! Following the release of ‘altar‘ in September 2021, ‘little story’ expands on the tender new world Kehlani is crafting. With callbacks to ‘altar’ like “you know I love a story, only when you’re the author / Tryna meet you at the altar, ‘little story’ envelops us further into the world of the forthcoming blue water road, and we are mesmerized.

Here’s why the release of ‘little story’ has us extra hyped for Kehlani’s next album!

The Storytelling

Motherhood. Rebirth. Transformation. Joy. These words and more are what come to mind when watching and listening to ‘little story.’ Judging by that, Kehlani’s album will be an expansion of the honest and formative storytelling she’s built across her previous projects. We’ve been with them through it all, and it’s true that Kehlani is an artist many of us have grown up alongside. To see their story evolve in so many beautiful directions is inspiring and heartwarming.

Art is vulnerable and therapeutic, not just for the creator, but for the listener, viewer, or reader, and as an artist, Kehlani embodies that energy. She is fearless in art and storytelling and has the ability to show us each new side of her with grace and poignance. While ‘little story,’ like many of their other songs, is deeply personal, listeners can still find their own meaning in the words and music, and that’s what makes it extra special. ‘little story’ has truly reminded us of the magic of storytelling: connection. And with music, that connection is limitless.

The Visuals

The cinematography in the ‘little story’ official music video is absolutely gorgeous, along with the words. The video for ‘little story’ was co-directed by Kehlani and Alexandra Thurmond and features simplistic shots of the singer and others in black and white. Each shot feels artistically intentional and cinematic. From hanging upside down in a garden in a white skirt, to playing with their daughter among flowers and water, to holding a book sizzling with small flames––the story of ‘little story’ truly came to life with these visuals. 

Plus, we can tell we’re in for a truly beautiful visual story to come following the blue water road trailer. There was already so much symbolism in the short one-minute clip, which was expanded on in the ‘altar’ video, supported by magical violin music. We can’t help but be completely enchanted!

A New Era

As fans, the start of a new era is one of the most exciting times in the cycle of singles and albums, and tours. And while ‘altar’ was technically the start of Kehlani’s newest era, it’s been a while since September 2021, and ‘little story’ feels like it carries the energy of new beginnings all on its own. ‘little story’ feels like the door into their new era, and it seems like more is on a closer horizon than we think.

From here, we can only go up! Will there be another promotional single? Another video? Visualizers? Or perhaps from ‘little story’ we jump straight into blue water road! (Which we would be perfectly fine with!)

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Whichever it is, we are more than ready. Your favorite artist’s new era is often a landmark in the landscape of life, as it signifies a new chapter and new ways of applying their story to your own story, and it all goes around and around. And that’s what makes being a music fan so magical!

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