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6 Incredible Artists Who Are Redefining The Alternative Music Scene

6 Incredible Artists Who Are Redefining The Alternative Music Scene

It’s no secret that alternative is becoming one of the most prominent genres in the music industry. And lucky for you, we at THP are always keeping up with who’s set to make it big! We rounded up six of our favorite rising stars who are pushing away from the typical alt sound to create their own path and steal a few hearts along the way. So grab your earbuds, get your favorite playlist open so you can quickly add these tracks, and jump right in! 

Elliot Lee

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If you’re not already a passionate member of the Bubblegum Army, you’re about to join excitedly! Elliot Lee brings a fun energy to every song they release, and the Letdown-assisted ‘Airplanes’ is the perfect example. Think Twenty One Pilots meets Billie Eilish meets Jon Bellion with a little bouncy pastel touch. In such a dark time, where eerie tracks are dominating the airwaves, it’s refreshing to have a more upbeat take on alt.


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In case you don’t already know ericdoa from his collabs with glaive or his placement on the Euphoria soundtrack, we’ll fill you in. Simply put, he’s the future of alt-pop! We love that he combines pop, hyper-pop, and R&B elements to make a unique sound that only he could create. His earworm melodies will instantly get stuck in your head and earn him a spot on all your favorite playlists.

’fool4love’ was probably my favorite experience making a song I’ve had. It was all of my close friends on the floor of my bedroom hearing me annoyingly hum a guitar melody into the amazing fortuneswan’s ear until 6 AM rolled around, and the finished product was what you’re hearing now. A classic tale of my awkward stages of figuring out what being committed to a human being is all about.



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You no longer have to be human to be a musical force to be reckoned with! First came our favorite robotic icon, Lil Miquela. Then came aespa’s “ae” avatars that live in a virtual world. Now we have the show-stopping Maie, your new favorite virtual star who just dropped the alluring ‘Kosmo.’ Between Maie’s incredible vocals and the addictive drop, this track makes us wish we lived in the virtual world she dominates! She’s “tearing down walls to be here,” and we know she’ll be topping the charts one day soon.

I can travel to places normal people can’t. Visit worlds most people can only dream of. But I choose to be here. I choose to be with my friends. I choose to discover what it means to be human. I’d do anything to be here, where I want to belong.


Alice Glass

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Alice Glass has such a sinister aesthetic that we can’t get enough of it! Her debut album, PREY//IV, describes dark situations with equally dark vibes while the fluttery melodies keep it from feeling too heavy. She creates a creepy wonderland you won’t be able to resist falling into. And why would you want to resist falling into it?! Take the leap, and you’ll fall in love.

I hope this record reaches those who need to know that they are not alone in this world—who need to know that it’s okay to be hurting. I hope, for some, that it will give them the courage to find a path away from the toxic situations they are experiencing.

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Alice Glass


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daine’s style and vision are so unique that she even wrote an entire song called ‘dainecore’ inspired by her aesthetic! She’s finally releasing her debut mixtape, Quantum Jumping, on March 18th and gave us the incredible ‘new ground’ as a delectable appetizer for the project. But not only did she offer a motivational track dedicated to pushing yourself to your full potential – she gave us an adorable music video featuring clips from fans as a way to show her appreciation.


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Like daine, midwxst is also gearing up for an exciting new release: his better luck next time EP, due on March 16th. His brand-new single ‘i know you hate me’ has such summer vibes, with a strumming guitar throughout and a drop that lives in our minds rent-free! The jump from the more sleek verses to the explosive chorus might be too much for other artists, but midwxst makes it work in a way only he can. He should honestly change his name to midbxst because he’s one of the best in the game! 

Which of these artists is your favorite? Who are some other alternative artists you think are dominating lately? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for 26 (yes, 26!) more rising artists you need on your radar, click here

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