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Watch These 13 Music Videos For The Ultimate Cinematic Experience

Watch These 13 Music Videos For The Ultimate Cinematic Experience

Music Videos

Modern music culture is constantly evolving, and music videos have become increasingly more popular than ever before. Streaming culture and DSPs have indeed gained fame as digital technology advances, but playing YouTube videos and watching your favorite artists perform, even across a screen, remains a classic and will never go out of style. Therefore, we chose to bring you 13 of the latest music videos, from industry giants to rising stars, offering a cinematic quality, as if you were watching a feature film, and it will be a visual feast for your senses. 

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Theoretically, music videos serve as an effective tool for marketing songs with vigorous campaigning to increase their visibility and exposure enormously. Besides that, they provide the audience with ample entertainment, pleasure and bind them in an emotional string that tugs at their hearts. They serve as a window into the artist’s mind, vision, and emotions, fostering a closer relationship with them. And with social media nowadays, artists even collaborate with their fans for the music videos, so they go beyond just singing songs. It is a way to get yourself out there in the vast ocean of music to stand out and give listeners a visual perspective. They visualize the lyrics, grasp the meaning, and comprehend what the artists intend to convey.

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So without further ado, here is our curated list of music videos that beautifully capture the cinematic appeal of the songs that strum the strings of your heart, sweep you away and take you on a whirlwind ride this summer as you jam out to them all along.

‘Wild Hearts’ – Keith Urban

“Can you hear me, all of you lost ones?
Who aren’t really lost ones, Keep shining your light
This goes out to the wild cards And all of the wild hearts just like mine”

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Keith Urban released his brand new, powerful country anthem, ‘Wild Hearts,’ which is a fiercely hard-hitting, uptempo number that will hook you instantly, and you will be jamming to it all summer long. It is unmistakably Keith’s signature style- highly energetic, passionate, rousing, crowd-pleasing, inspirational, and victorious anthem, and it is equally intoxicating and infectious with a universal appeal to it. The song inspires anyone who has a burning passion inside their hearts, and the courage not to surrender their dreams will have all the world at their disposal.

It will not be a Keith Urban music video if it isn’t spectacular. As the video unfolds, the camera pans to Keith with a boom box in the foreground as he plays the guitar and sings his heart out – reminiscent of his early performances without a band from his younger days. As his career advances and he garners a worldwide following, the building rises to the sky, symbolizing his growing fame, and the night sky turns into a sea of flashlights– producing the impression of sold-out arenas as he performs. What a phenomenal sight to behold, as we were astonished by the video’s concept and vision. Awe-inspiring, isn’t it?

‘All Is Well’ Feat. Joy Williams – Avi Kaplan

Avi Kaplan is back on the music scene with an emotionally stirring, anthemic new song, ‘All Is Well,’ featuring Joy Williams, accompanied by a beautifully haunting music video. The video finds both of them in the middle of a quiet, secluded forest in a somewhat eerie setting, singing and walking through it, exploring its hidden secrets. Despite its simplicity, the song layers a rich meaning beneath. As he croons the chorus, “Heaven, hell, wherever I go, All is well/ Time will tell, and I will know/ All is well in my soul/ All is well,” singing about enduring ups and downs, ashes and rains, smoke and flames, but at the end, as his spirit frees from the darkness, he feels that all is well inside his soul.

His music reflects the influences of his Californian upbringing; it adorns country, blues, soul, with a dash of acoustic guitar strums, soft vocals to haunting falsetto – all of which expands his artistic horizons into intriguing new realms. In exploring his sonic palette and ethos, Avi continues to mold into something new, which could be the beginning of something special.

‘Beach Boy’ – BENEE

With her new single, ‘Beach Boy,’ Alt-pop singer Benee summons a bloodthirsty vampire in the accompanying cinematic music visuals reminiscent of the iconic Twilight saga. The video unfolds and embraces the 80s-90s horror film aesthetics with vlog-style editing. The singer portrays a young and confused emo girl who casts a spell and summons a vampire as her boyfriend using bi*chcraft instructions from a magazine. She meets a scary man with bloodshot eyes and fangs who takes her on secret little rendezvous, graveyard dancing, and fun adventures which she thoroughly enjoys. 

Benee channeled her Twilight love in the music video, as it really reminded us of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in a very twisted way, not the one you might expect. The smooth, mellow, uptempo, and indie-pop sounds of ‘Beach Boy’ are laudable, with quirky and whimsical lyrical twists and earworm choruses, making this an essential summer track for your beach mixtape. Click the play button to find out how, and you’ll thank us later.

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‘Niño Soñador’ – J Balvin

J Balvin delivers a stunning, powerful performance with ‘Niño Soñador,’ gaining mainstream appeal. He is a prolific hit-maker known for his slick sounds and extensive musical expertise, but with ‘Niño Soñador,’ J Balvin pauses to ponder, reflect, relish and comprehend his monumental success thus far in his career. His song is his way of expressing gratitude and appreciation for his fans and loved ones’ continued support and love throughout thick and thin. Furthermore, he apologizes to his younger self for not realizing that dreaming big to gain fame and fortune comes with a price and its own pressure, challenges, and repercussions. All he wanted was to be a singer, make music, and live his dream.

The music video pretty much revolves around the same concept. It highlights burgeoning fame, lavish lifestyle, and concert footage, along with a few clips of Balvin spending time and sharing personal moments with his family, friends, and fans while recalling his earlier years as he touches the pinnacle of his success. Not just for J Balvin, this song resonates with anyone who has been there and who has experienced this. We have been jamming to it all weekend long, and we are feeling all the feels.

‘Fantasi’ – TINI x Beéle

As part of their first collaboration, Argentinian phenomenon TINI and rising Colombian artist Beéle have dropped ‘Fantasi,’ which seamlessly fuses lively tropical soundscapes with infectious, entrancing percussions, creating a song sure to get your heart pumping and your feet moving. ‘Fantasi’ portrays the love between two people who haven’t met, but their fantasies bring their desires to life. The music video has an ethereal, dreamlike quality, shot at Iguazu Falls, one of the world’s most spectacular tropical destinations.

In an instant, it transports you to an exotic fantasy paradise-like world that is a visual feast for your eyes. The artists are singing their hearts out amidst forests and beneath waterfalls, looking so exquisite, dancing to the vibrant, pulsating rhythms and admiring each other, and imagining themselves in different situations while living in a bubble of bliss. If you want to switch off your mind and drift into a calming dream, this is the destination for you.

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‘Nice To Know Ya’ – Bella Taylor Smith

In the same vein as Adele and YEBBA, Australian vocalist Bella Taylor Smith recently shared a heartfelt, honest, and vulnerable song, ‘Nice To Know Ya,’ inspired by losing faith in someone you love and feeling heartbroken. It carries through the trail of the brokenhearted, and the music video is vaguely reminiscent of chart-topper and THP HQ fave, ‘Easy On Me’ by Adele. The video embodies the spirit of the song as we see Bella packing her suitcase as she departs while simultaneously singing on her porch overlooking a lake and serenading nature. As the video concludes, she drives away in her car, symbolizing leaving the past behind and embracing fresh beginnings.

The song celebrates forging ahead for your own good, abandoning the bitterness while taking an honest look inward through the lens of introspection. Each of us processes and responds differently to this situation based on our own experiences and decisions. Those who have been through this will resonate deeply with the song. It is a safe space where you can sit, listen and ponder your feelings, deciding whether to reconcile or conclude that relationship for good, putting yourself first and that you are valued and loved no matter what.

‘Paralyzed’ – YSB Tril

YSB Tril leaps back to prominence on the music scene, thanks to his new rock-infused, melancholy single ‘Paralyzed’ featuring midwxst. The music video perfectly captures the song’s mood and features a sorrowful Tril in an empty theater, alone and sulking brokenhearted over a failed relationship. Through the flurry of papers and past flashbacks, the audience gets a glimpse into Tril’s mind, whirling like a hurricane, full of chaos as he struggles to cope with his loss within the confines of the theatre. Tri has a smooth, effortless grasp on music and mixing that feels natural. His innate sense of melody and precision he possesses is leading him closer to success.

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‘Again’ – Matilda Cole

Brighton-based Matilda Cole wowed her fans with her latest single, ‘Again,’ which exemplifies her mastery of storytelling. She is known for writing indie-pop ballads with an emotional lens that delves deeply into honesty and vulnerability, just as this song does. She infused infectious pop melodies seamlessly with conversational lyrics that are great to turn up the volume. The accompanying music video, shot indoors, features gorgeous Matilda and an in-love couple and slowly delves into an ill-fated, unhappy relationship. Inspired by personal experiences, it traces the peaks and valleys of a troubled relationship we all know too well, where we want someone so badly that we sabotage ourselves repeatedly. Choosing the haunting feeling of being half-loved while conflicting with fears of never being loved is just revolting and unbearable. However, if this song indicates her ability and forthcoming music, this indie-pop rising star is ready to make waves in the industry this year.

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‘Go’ – Ava Kay

With her new single ‘Go,’ Candian singer-songwriter Ava Kay hopes to spread her wings in the music industry with her authentic songwriting skills that instantly connect with her audience. The song emphasizes the themes of ambition, determination, and motivation, encouraging you to keep going in life no matter what circumstances you encounter. The music video unfolds as we find Ava playing the piano and singing while simultaneously showing an in-love couple, where on the surface, everything seems good and happy. But one struggles to make a difficult decision for both, which is pretty much the gist. It is about the doubts we undergo when making difficult choices and accepting them. The emphasis is on overcoming them so that nothing hinders you from achieving your goals. The song shimmers with the “main character” energy with a dash of lush, enchanting guitar strings and delicate piano notes and instantly captivates your senses and soothes your soul.

‘Snow Angels’ – Go For Gold

The new music video by pop-punk band, Go For Gold veers from eulogy to theme park. As strange as it sounds at first, you will find it quite entertaining if you stick with it. ‘Snow Angels’ grapples with heavy subjects in a way that is both uplifting and nostalgic. It is about coping with the realities of life and depicts ‘time’ using lyrical metaphor – how ‘the show must go on,’ and the world keeps spinning after a loss. We all live in the hassles of doing something impactful that leaves a lasting legacy but forget to experience life to the fullest before it flies away. Fun overall, the video opens with a metaphorical eulogy to the band’s frontman’s fish before delving into theme park memories of meeting the fish and the fond memories from that day. The song stays true to its sounds and boasts incredibly feisty lyrics, stunning guitar chords, and pounding drumbeats that slap and are entertaining and relatable. 

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‘Get That Money’ – ENISA

“Not gonna play nice/ Not gonna play weak
I’m a girl who gets her needs/
Not gonna stop until I get that money.”

It’s no secret that Enisa is spicing up the pop music scene with her unbridled energy, a relentless attitude coupled with millions of streams, and chart-topping success. She continues to impress with the release of her new, infectious single, ‘Get That Money,’ which will feature on her forthcoming EP, FAKE LOVE. It promises to stride higher on emotions and touch everything on the human emotional spectrum, so prepare yourselves for a rollercoaster ride. In a nutshell, this video is a blast and super entertaining. It is about how a simple plain Jane becomes popular as she wins a million dollars, and everyone loves her, allowing her to splurge and live luxuriously. Even though this turned out to be just a dream, we are crooning the chorus high, “I’m no one’s trophy/ Just when you thought you could own me/ Baby, I’m flush, and you’re folding,” watch the video for yourself. 

‘Welcome To The Club’ – Twinnie

An enigmatic star with a wanderlust spirit and a love of storytelling welcomes you to the club. From the likes of legendary Taylor Swift and Shania Twain, Twinnie’s new song adorns a resounding chorus and soaring melodies celebrating self-love, self-confidence, and acceptance. She strives to create a musical haven for the “outcasts,” where we celebrate weirdness, welcome everyone, and make sure no one feels left out. The music video emphasizes self-acceptance and inclusivity through an emotional lens. It depicts one’s journey from feeling like an outsider and hiding one’s true feelings to embracing oneself, in all honesty. Honestly, we were blown away by the concept and the song, and we can’t wait for you to hear it, so go ahead and play it.

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‘Weatherman’ – Eddie Benjamin

With collaborations with industry giants such as Meghan Trainor, Ryan Tedder, Shawn Mendes, Cordae, and Earth Wind and Fire, Eddie Benjamin is already making waves being so young. He has returned to the music scene with ‘Weatherman,’ an anthem of hope for a brighter tomorrow, shimmering with optimism and infused with thought-provoking, heartfelt lyrics and a blend of jazz and pop that makes you groove instantly. Despite the upbeat tune, the song stemmed from his anxieties and revealed vulnerability. A fun music video compliments it perfectly as it showcases his playful, quirky nature and passion for classics and old-school. It’s a surreal, immersive video that fits the track’s depth and character, with a dash of cryptic, colorful imagery enhancing its feel in a way that feels familiar yet new.

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  • I certainly agree with your post about Avi Kaplan. It’s exciting to watch the growth of his music and I think he is in line to create a magnificent body of original work. This video and all his others give you the feeling you are watching a movie. Good call!

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