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Five WONHO B-Sides For Your Late-Night Vibes Playlist

Five WONHO B-Sides For Your Late-Night Vibes Playlist

WONHO is known for his powerful title tracks such as the mega-hit ‘Open Mind’ from Love Synonym #1: Right For Me. But it would be a musical travesty not to acknowledge just how incredible his b-side tracks are.

He writes, composes, and arranges his own music and his mastery in the studio is explored further with his b-sides. We’ve prepared a few just for you to add to your late-night vibes playlist. 

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‘Come Over Tonight’ 

​​”Can you come over tonight?
Promise I’ll hold you so tight
I can’t sleep without you
I’d be nothing without you

We’ll start out with an obvious choice for this playlist. One of our favorite tracks from his latest EP Blue Letter, this song is a sweet yet smooth serenade that has WONHO asking one question, “Can you come over tonight?”


“I’ve been thinking ’bout it all day
Those days in which I’d cry and laugh
I’m tired of being lonely
Do not let go of my hand”

A song perfect for late-night overthinking. It’s a commentary on his loneliness and his desire to be around those that he feels know him. He says that sometimes he feels like a stranger, and that’s a lyric we can all relate to. His openness is one of the reasons we continuously fall for his music. 


“I can’t resist your absolute existence
I offer my everything, even give my breath away”

All right, so now we know WONHO has flirty and introspective b-sides but allow us to introduce his sexier track. ‘Devil’ talks about not being able to escape the curse of just how strong his feelings are. It’s also an incredibly catchy track. 


“Cause we need each other
Like stars and the night sky
Shining so bright, yeah
We’ll light up the night”

If you feel like crying then this is the song for you. ‘WENEED’ is a tribute to WONHO’s fans, known as WENEE. The lyrics promise that he will always stay by their side as he asks them if they will be there for him. Of course, we will, WONHO, we’re with you all the way. 


“Cause I want you, stay with me
All night long, fly with me
I wanna make you my paradise
Let me take you higher”

See Also

Along the same lines as ‘Devil’ though a little lighter musically. This track is sexy, the beat is fun, and this dance practice is insane! Also, we love the Spanish lyrics in the break. 

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These are just a few of his many spectacular b-sides so be sure to check his other albums, EPs, and singles to get the full effect of his stunning discography. 

WENEE, which WONHO b-side track is your favorite? Drop a comment below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook

Do you still need more WONHO? Same here, check out our reasons why we love his single album, Obsession!


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