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Kajo Impresses With His Debut Album Cold Places

Kajo Impresses With His Debut Album Cold Places

Rising singer-songwriter Kajo has officially dropped his first album Cold Places and our already high expectations have been exceeded. The up-and-coming artist signed under Logic’s label, Bobby Boy Records, has continuously impressed with his previous singles such as ‘SFO’ and ‘Staring at Screens.’ His new album adds to his unique and exploratory discography. 

We had the opportunity to attend a press conference hosted by 1824 for his latest release and are here to give you everything you need to know about this stunning album.

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His Inspiration Behind The Album

“I’m just excited for people to pick it apart, for all the producers to sample me.”


Cold Places is a musical study of the remains and artifacts of his past, it’s also about death. Such themes are explored through layers on each song though you will find no samples in this body of work. In fact, he’s waiting for other artists to take samples from his work. One thing we’ve learned about Kajo is how insightful he is of not just the music industry but the world around him.

Nothing’s really new under the sun, everything has a lineage, if you change it a little bit then maybe it’s fresh.


Image Source: Kajo Official Instagram

Acknowledging His Past

The theme of lineage and roots runs deep with his debut album. Even the eighteen tracks on Cold Places hold a special symbolism. To Kajo, that number represents youth. With each track, he set out to create a playlist for his younger self that gives the important message: despite everything he went through in his personal life, everything will be okay. 

I just feel free, whether people like it or not.


Such topics of life and death are not new for the artist who studied Forensic Science and Physical Anthropology. After graduating, Kajo made the decision to pursue music full-time. Something we can all collectively thank his past self for. It is obvious that his passion is what drives him, both professionally and personally.

Image Source: Kajo Official Instagram

There’s no one doing it like Kajo, and you can quote us on that. The indie and at times experimental music he creates is not only unique but sensitive too. 

Music is a very self-indulgent endeavor, it’s not really required for society to operate. But what music does, it mitigates the bills and pains of society.


We can’t help but agree. Music is meant to transport listeners out of their daily life and Kajo’s songs do just that. We’ve picked three of our favorite tracks from Cold Places for you to check out, prepare to be captivated by an entirely new world of sound.

Three Of Our Top Tracks


This is what it means to be a human
It’s to be something special in somebody’s eyes

This lyric is Kajo’s favorite on the entire album and it might just be one of ours as well. This track is based on the imagined life of a real mummy that was discovered in the Alps by a hiker. Ötzi, the mummy, was stabbed in the back before he died. Kajo was so inspired by the untold story of this man who lived thousands of years ago, he wrote this song. 

I like prehistoric things.


The music video shows the story of Ötzi’s journey under the ice and is meant to be a sort of redemption for the mummy. But this isn’t just a song for Ötzi, it’s for those who feel they don’t have control over their own destiny. Kajo sees this track as a metaphor for his journey in the music industry. 

‘My Father’s Garage’ Feat. Rebelle Perle

In my father’s garage
Where I would get lost in records
To find who I am

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This track is based on Kajo’s memories of hanging out with his friends in his father’s garage when they would jam and make music. It’s a youthful track that begins with Kajo reminiscing on his hometown and all the memories attached to it.

‘The Curve’

“You’re damn right, I’m salty
But you can’t fault me”

His catchy vocals and smooth tone make this easily one of our new favorite songs of this year and we have a feeling it might be a new favorite for you too. The sudden beat change up also adds a fun twist.

[Music] is almost other-worldly.


The genuine appreciation Kajo has for music is abundantly evident not only in his own delicately crafted songs but in the way he discusses how this project came to be. It’s clear that he is just getting started sharing all the stories he wants to tell through his music, and we can’t wait to hear them all. 

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