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SEVENTEEN Tracks To Stream Alongside Vernon’s ‘Beg For You’ Remix

SEVENTEEN Tracks To Stream Alongside Vernon’s ‘Beg For You’ Remix

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Who had a Vernon and Charli XCX collab on their 2022 bingo card? We gotta be honest, we did, but we didn’t expect to get it this soon!

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If you know Vernon or even SEVENTEEN, you know Vernon’s big fan of Charli XCX. Vernon is a true Charli Angel through and through, from promoting her in any interview, he possibly can or singing along to her ‘ringtone’ remix on his VLive radio live. And he got the first interaction with the singer on Twitter when she saw him mention her in an interview, and the rest was history. 

To This…

This collab still blows our minds because not only did we get a Charli XCX and Vernon collab (which is lovely being both Carats and Charli’s Angels), but we also have Rina Sawayama and A.G. Cook on the track! And we loved the original track, don’t get us wrong, but we don’t think we’ll ever feel this type of way again. His vocals just go so well with Charli’s. *Sigh* We can’t tell who is more excited for this collab us or Vernon. We haven’t stopped streaming it, and we’re assuming you haven’t either. So to help you stream, here are other SEVENTEEN/Vernon tracks to stream alongside it. Let’s goooo

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Are we promoting ‘BANDS BOY‘ again? Yes, and what about it? It was a surprise track Vernon just dropped on us, so to say we were surprised is an understatement. Much like some of Hip-Hop Teams unit tracks, this track will not be available on most streaming services, but you can still stream it on YouTube!

‘GAM3 BO1’

‘GAM3 BO1‘ was one of the first hyper-pop tracks Vernon produced and wrote that ended up on a SEVENTEEN album. Much like ‘Bands Boy,’ we didn’t expect this, but as soon as we heard it in the highlight video, we were obsessed. And don’t even get us started on the live performances of this track. You can tell the HHU, along with their dancers, are having the time of their lives. 

‘2 MINUS 1’

Whether you found ‘2 MINUS 1’ by streaming SEVENTEEN’s Attacca or by stumbling upon Joshua and Vernon’s Genius live performance, you somehow made it to his Pop-Punk masterpiece. We first got hints at this release when Vernon had a Radio VLive of Pop-Punk songs and even asked on Weverse what Carats fave songs were. Their raw vocals sound amazing, and the contrast between Joshua’s high vocals and Vernon’s raspy voice is so good!


First off, if you haven’t heard ‘Rocket’ yet, what are you doing?! This track was the first one we got from the American line (Vernon and Joshua), and it just made our hearts happy. With gender-neutral pronouns, much like ‘Beg For You,’ Vernon (for ‘Rocket’) said the track was made that way on purpose, so it can refer to any love. It also has been the most requested song at South Korea Pride, so stream to your lil heart’s desire😌.

See Also

‘Network Love’

‘Network Love’ is a track from Jun, Minghao (The 8), Joshua, and Vernon, we have yet to get a recent live performance with the whole unit, but we are still optimistic it will eventually happen. Hopefully, during this year’s Carat Land? Anyways, ‘Network Love’ is very relatable, especially now, where most relationships, platonic or not, are happening through the internet. How many more internet friends do you have than irl?

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So what do you think about ‘Beg For You?’ How many times have you hit replay? Let us know what tracks you’re streaming alongside this iconic collab, in the comments down below, on our Twitter @thehoneypop, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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