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Twisted Tales Of Disney Classics

Twisted Tales Of Disney Classics

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Twisted tales of Disney classics gives young adult audiences a deeper connection with everyone’s favorite Disney heroes and villains. The Walt Disney Company was founded by Walt Disney himself, who was famous for bringing cartoons to life. Even after his death, his works still remain a legacy.

The popularity of Disney‘s animated classics such as Frozen and Sleeping Beauty bring storytelling to a whole new level in today’s pop culture. Numerous young adult novels were written, published, and released for young adults. We have found some notable twisted tales that you will love.

A Frozen Heart

Image Source: Elizabeth Rudnick for Disney Publishing

A Frozen Heart is a young adult novel written by Elizabeth Rudnick that uncovers the inner emotions and thoughts of Anna and Hans. This novel and Conceal, Don’t Feel by Jen Calonita are two twisted tales that are based on Disney’s 2013 film Frozen. Young adults who are fans of Disney’s Frozen will get to understand the storyline and personalities of Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, and Prince Hans in a more detailed way.

A Frozen Heart is divided into chapters from Anna and Hans’ perspectives that alternate every chapter. Readers will get to understand why Hans is the main antagonist of Frozen, why their romance failed, and the catalyst leading to their separation. We recommend this novel and Conceal, Don’t Feel to young adult readers.

A Twisted Tale Series

Image Source: Elizabeth Lim for Disney Publishing via Twisted Tales

The Twisted Tales series is a collection of young adult novels produced by the Walt Disney Company based on their bestselling featured films. Books in this series include So This Is Love by Elizabeth Lim, What Once Was Mine and Part of Your World, both written by Liz Braswell. What makes this series so fascinating to young adult audiences is, they explore the inner and deeper thoughts and emotions of the main characters in other Disney films besides Frozen. Some novels might twist the original plot. If you’re looking for a more in-depth fantasy picture, this series is right for you!

Evil Thing

Image Source: Serena Valentino for Disney Publishing via Disney Villains

This novel written by Serena Valentino gives young adult readers a clear picture of the rise and fall of Cruella De Vil, the villain from 101 Dalmatians. We explore Cruella’s backstory, inner thoughts, and feelings in her memoir. Nothing is as simple as black and white, just like the 2021 Disney movie Cruella. Every detail in this novel is related to the Cruella movie. Readers will be fascinated to learn what makes a villain a true villain.

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